Psy-trance in Nepal is booming

Author: Jean-Claude Scicluna
Date: Nov 19, 2008
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The Psytrance scene in Nepal is a statement of growth in our beloved trance music all over the globe.

3 psy-clubs, professional event organisers and the most awesome venues imaginable around the Himalayas and Everest mountains are attracting the interest of top artists to perform in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Electric Pagoda, Tantra Bar and Funky Buddha are definitely the places to be in Kathmandu hosting some exquisite open air parties and also the Shanti Jatra festival which has just been held. In April 2009 many events are being held and artists like Azax Syndrome, Cortex, Cosmic Dancer from Jet lag booking agency Israel and many more are in the pipeline .

History of Psytrance in Nepal

Funky Buddha

Sunil Manang of the most popular Funky Buddha has been the pioneer of electronic music for the last 8 years. Their first ever massive outdoor event was in 2003. Funky Buddha has organized the afterhour event of Shanti Jatra festival called Moodelica and all those present had a blast.



Festivals in Nepal

Shanti Jatra festival

Shanti Jatra attracts a huge crowd and some very good artists like Nishan, Oood, Kiks ,Neuromotor and so on and so forth. This festival is held every year in the most awesome location imaginable and the main organizer Aseem is certain that this festival can only get better and the amount of people attending is always on the increase.

Main Clubs in Kathmandu

Electric Pagoda

This venue hosts some amazing outdoors weekly events in a very colourful garden and the friendliness of the hosts is very warm and welcoming. Ranjit Gurung, Gauray Shrestha and Dj’s P yell, Kranti, Ankit, Yogel Lepcha, Ajit Rana and Julian James the kitchen master are the people responsible for such a popular place to be in Kathmandu.

Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha hosting a weekly event on Friday which cannot be missed with guest artists like Gms, Xsi, Govinda, Cosmic dancer, Vibe, Zion, Kranti , Ankit and Nishan this outdoor event is an explosion of positive energy and good vibrations.

Tantra Bar

Tantra bar run by Aseem organiser of Shanti Jatra festival is also hosting on and off events there and this venue is once again very magical.

NewcomersPsychotic Paradox 2010

Suman aka Dj Zion, one the most promising local artists from Kathmandu, and his brother Lal have been organising full power events for the past 3 years and are now making a build up of events leading to a massive 2 day festival in 2010 Psychotic Paradox (
Top artists of the calibre of Azaz syndrome , Cortex , Cyrus theVirus , Cosmic Dancer , Sesto Sento and Cyber Cartel are in the pipeline accompaigned by the top local artists Dj Zion and Mahesh to enlighten the dancefloor.

A special thanks goes to Batta who without his enormous help and effort this article would have not been possible.
Thank you Batta!


Om Shanti Nepal !!

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