Tico Trance in Costa Rica

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Author: Prophet, Brealey
Date: Dec 2, 2004
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Date: Dec 02, 2004
Text: Brealey, Prophet
Photos: ICT , SentidoUrbano, Prophet, GregW
Artwork: Psychedelic-Nomads
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2004




Official name: Republic of Costa Rica
Capital city: San Jose
Population (July 2003 est.): 3,963,000
Geographic location: Central America
Land area: 50,660 sq. km

Today’s “Ticos”, as Costa Ricans call themselves, can trace their roots back to Spanish colonizing families and their indigenous companions. The conquistadors found a country with extremely rugged topography, rainforests, volcanoes and beautiful beaches.

What a big paradise on such small piece of land; in this country you can experience different situations, The Carribean side, with exotic beaches and its unique afrojamaican mood and Pacific side, with greatest sunsets, campgrounds and cozy villages without letting aside that you can have the best surf experience in life.

If you drive around the place, you will notice a big diversity of Tropical Forests, places like Monteverde and Corcovado are top destinations for travelers and nature lovers around the world. Arenal Active Volcano is a must see...Costa Rica is your next trip.

TranceParties began mainly on small villages on the Pacific. By the year 1995-96 Montezuma on the Pacific side, was the main focus of electronic music, trance got introduced by Europeans that lived in Goa and now moved down here to C.R. They invited local ‘ticos’ to they’re own party’s, sharing a new way of having a good time dancing and enjoying the music that later on ended infecting the central valley and concentrating there, happening mainly in mountain locations and in the capital, San Jose.

By the 2002, bars began to program trance music every week, in different locations all around the capital. The first trance radio show (Zinetika) appeared in 2001 making this particular type of music better known and loved by the new age of local kids.

Famous artists start performing with the help of national crews, bringing the best ones to educate the people to get in the full-on sound, differentiate and have they’re own critic spirit and recognize what sounds ok and who does things the right way + more professional way of creating and advertising. Also new websites came up.

Well known ones like GMS, Space Tribe, Psysex, Sun Project and Infected Mushroom,were the first ones that hit the tico dancefloor.

National dj’s: Ali, Geno, Prophet, Sir-G, Dusk, GuruSigma, Izu, David Umaña, Mouse, Andres Rovira, Brealey, Yakama, PO, Marcodelix.

International Dj’s: Swami, Marco Bogani, Shell Marco Lari, Goblin, Mark Petrick, David Durst, Arturo, Psy-Fly, Lestat, Sam@chaishop.com, Olli Wisdom, XP Voodoo, Riktam, thylan, Mickey Noise, Daniel Vernunft, Boxer, Space Vibe and Goa Gil.

Live-Acts: Dark Soho, Cydonia, Shiva Chandra, Aerodance, Tim Shuldt, Xenomorph, Talamasca,Four Carry Nuts, Star X, SUN Project, Mino, Neuromotor and Wizzy Noise.

The 2002 is the year that we show as the most important, it consolidated Psy-Trance on top of the other electronic genres. So, year-by-year our trance community keeps growing and flowing with much better organizations, outdoors parties and twisted live-acts.

On 2003, a national psy-trance live act premiered in CR... They are Total Hyperactive Detonation, whackos from the local scene (Sir-G and Dusk) they just put a new album out, called Rampage (Ritter Records, Germany). Full-on Dark Psy-Trance, floor filler!

Costa Rica welcomes all the trance community worldwide with great parties, friendly warm people & fresh forest vibes... :)


Doc Sonic informs
Mushrooms ,LSD, Mescaline, XTC and majorly Cocaine and Cannabis are widespread anyhow the consumption is illegal and persecuted.

















Gerardo Barrios aka Prophet (Psy-Nomads - Chaishop)
Dj, Full-on Sound, Dancer, Party Organizer, Nature Lover, Traveling, BBQ.
Love & Light.

Robert Brealey

(Psy-Nomads – Chaishop)
Dj, Ambient & Full-on Sound, Party Organizer, Dancer, BBQ.



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