[DTP002] V/A - Contagion - Vol. 1 - OUT NOW!

Author: obiit
Date: Jul 23, 2008
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Second release by Dead Tree Productions. Free download at: www.dead-tree.net/contagion

Artist: Various
Title: Contagion - Vol. 1
CAT#: DTP002
Format: FLAC/MP3
Release Date: July/2008
Label: Dead Tree Productions

We are all under the influence of media and politics, which always try to alienate us with fake culture and moralism.

The contamination due to the massive media spreading takes place all around the world, frightening us in order to control and to make us forget individuality, forget ourselves, turning us into nothing but mere puppets for the lords of politics and religion.

The brazilian label Dead Tree Productions is proud to release "Contagion", a conceptual project divided in two chapters which will be available for download in high-quality (FLAC) so that you all can contemplate the new music which rebels against the fake modern moralism, going towards the counter-culture.

For the first chapter, once more, we intend to show the strength of brazilian projects: Demonizz, Ikpeng, Karmazon, Morus, Necropsycho, Psyhamaa and The Herectic. We also count with Astaroth, Distorted Goblin, Hagenith and Psychoz, some of the most important revelations in the world scene.
Last but not least, we are proud and honored to world-widely release the belgian project Kita, whose tracks have all elements completely built one-by-one by synthesizers and acoustic instruments, putting aside the computers and sequencers.


01. Necrospycho vs. Astaroth - Experimental Evil Jow
W&P by Carmine Tarsitano & Gabriel Malki @ Guarulhos, Brazil / Sweden
http://www.myspace.com/necropsycholive | http://www.myspace.com/astarothmusic666

02. The Herectic - Claustrophobic Dimension
W&P by Fábio Japiassu @ Goiânia, Brazil

03. Distorted Goblin - Through the Night
W&P by Milan Manasievski @ Kumanovo, Macedonia

04. Demonizz - Arknofobia
W&P by Leandro Morales & Thiago Pasetchny @ São Paulo, Brazil

05. Psychoz vs. Hagenith - Psycause
W&P by Zoran Zlatkovski & Andrej Tasevski @ Germany / Macedonia
http://www.myspace.com/psychozmusic | http://www.myspace.com/hagenithmusic

06. Morus - Lithium Unbalance
W&P by Guilherme Bittar @ Anápolis, Brazil

07. Psyhamaa vs. Ikpeng - Fingers Vertigo
W&P by Luis Secchinato & Bernard Carvalho, Thadeu Carvalho @ Brasília, Brazil
http://www.myspace.com/psyhamaa | http://www.myspace.com/ikpeng

08. Karmazon - The Calling
W&P by Diego Pontes @ Piracicaba, Brazil

09. Kita - Screams of Satinka
W&P by Bart Piette @ Heverlee Vale, Belgium

Mastering by André Torres Bash:



Dead Tree Productions

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