Helloween Party in Costa Rica

Sun Project Live

Author: Prophet, Brealey
Date: Nov 17, 2004
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It was the night of the witches, german trio Sun Project presented their second live-act to the ticos since two years ago in a very long Holloween night.Costa Rica reacted with lots of energy infront of a good trance session. The party took place in 360-Club, on the east part of the capital San Jose, the night of October 30th.SSo below we want to share some special moments of this A+ rated party in Costa Rica.

The place was full of customized aliens, nurses, draculas, lady mushrooms and forest fairies among others. The dancefloor was like a Spaceship to Mars.

People were really into disguises and customes, and this fact gave the party a different perspective, it was really hard to find a real human there! CRAZY!
At 2:30 p.m the Live-act had a killer impact on the party and pumped up the crowd till sunrise ending up with a killer spooky dj-set by Marco Menichelli.

Just a little overview of what's going on here in Tico-land at the moment, hope you guys like it and stay tuned for more crazy stuff coming up.

Salud y Pura Vida!

                                Photos by http:/www.sentidourbano.com


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