Echoes of the old Albion

The trance scene in England

Author: Psyros
Date: Aug 20, 2007
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Echoes of old Albion in England

Psytrance seems to have thrived lately under the prolonged Indian summer as new chapters in the long English rave history continue to unfold. Parties are weekly in abundance and although mostly in clubs, the legendary squat party scene continues to evolve true to the underground spirit of the movement.

From warehouses and abandoned factories to beaches and the beautiful English countryside, party venues vary depending on the time of the year. Although Glade Festival is the biggest outdoor event to play Psy, there are countless smaller gatherings infesting the forests every summer playing a variety of genres – from dark n twisted Full-on to Progressive or Minimal.

Of the many branches that this multidimensional psychedelic tree has around the country, the roots can often be traced to somewhere around the vicinity of Camden Town. With several markets catering for all your freakish needs and a people from all over the world, Camden is a trip in itself. Shops like Startessa, Cyberdog and Hexagon offer a range of Psychedelic clothing and accessories while the jugglers amongst you will find all you need at Oddballs. However, perhaps the most useful of Camden’s many psychedelic shops and stalls is Access All Areas. With the main office located above Oddballs and an up-to-date flyer stand in the market, Amin and his team are always happy to help in anyway they can.

Regular party organisers in London are Synergy Project, Antiworld, Dream Temple, Implosion, Chichime, Whirly-gig and Roots with many more providing contributing the occasional event. The scene is constantly evolving with new promoters starting all the time and Progressive Psy gradually developing a solid presence.

Bristol, with the largest scene outside of London, is home to the legendary Tribe Of Frog, Planet Shroom, Freefall Monkey and Hoi Pol Loi and not too far away you’ll find Toadstool in Gloucester.

Just south of London in Brighton, Party Possible, if around the ever buzzing city of Brighton. Brighton based Ajuca recs is regularly throwing parties at the 'Volks' club.

Other party organisers in the “London by the sea “ include Digital Elf & Wonkay  who keep the groove going .

Finally, »up North«, Leeds has Cabbage and Sheffield has Planet Zogg, both mixing Trance and Techno with Psytrance. Bradford houses Kulu, you'll find Sunrise in Manchester and Alien Resonance in Liverpool. Northern promoters also got together this year to put on a Trance festival in Lancashire called Shamania, which, although smaller than they had hoped, was still a very good party with a lovely vibe, nice people and good music.

There is also activity on the northern side of the wall in Scotland, with Timelord2012, Indigitous and Planet Monkey all doing their part to spread the Psy sound.
So, whatever your style, feel welcome to indulge in the pleasures of one of the most vibrant, multicultural and diversely creative countries in the world.






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Date: Aug 22, 2007
Text: Spyros
Photos: Spyros, Amin
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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