Elektronick aka Dj Nick

Representing the Indian Psy Trance Era - Dj Nick!

Author: Shivlink Records
Date: Apr 30, 2008
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 Elektronick Dj Set at 'Electro-Thurst Days'

Elektronick a.k.a. DJ Nick from New Delhi (India) first encountered psychedelic trance music at the outdoor nature parties in Goa back in 1999. At the time he was a commercial DJ, spinning at the local clubs of New Delhi. Today,with over 9 years of industry experience, he is the label manager of Shivlink Records - an entity that involves event organization,releasing records & Production and Mastering of Cd's. Also, the new Indian Uprise Samsara Recordings has been initiated by Dj Nick.

After enjoying immense success as a Dj by sharing the console with the likes of 1200 Mics, Space Cat, Eskimo, Polaris, DNA, Vibe Tribe, Misted Muppet, Vectro Electro , Sinewave , Quantum & Keren Porat, he introduced the project Elektronick. Most importantly, his tracks are known to have a very distinct style which can be described as ˜Progressive Full-on". Replete with intense emotions, his music always leaves the audience wanting to hear another story..

A familiar personality in the Indian Psy-Trance network, the label manager of Shivlink Records has traveled all over India. He plans to unleash the vortex of energy that revolves around his persona on an international level by touring Europe in summer 2008. Catch Elektronick aka DJ Nick at Festivals and Open Air parties across Europe - Solstice Festival(Amsterdam), Eco-Existence Festival(Portugal), Xibabla Festival(Poland) to name a few!

Links: www.myspace.com/elektronick09




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