Trance means for me...

dancing a whole

Author: olliescafe
Date: Apr 22, 2008
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I made this picture as a vision, a place where I want to be, a experience I want to make...
I called it 'The Gathering'. Not just a festival, a party but a gathering of wonderful and colourful people. Their spirit is high, making this pilgrimage to this remote mountain valley, just for this special event,welcoming the arrival of the seven sisters. Celebrating together, stomping their feet into mother earth becoming one, under the starry sky.

This is my contribution to what I understand as the true spirit of Goa (or Psy-Trance if you want).
Often times thats what I miss a bit... the spirit, though many of you beautiful people still keep it up.People sometimes talk wistfully about the old days, when the scene was still young and small.
A couple of people dancing at some distant beach on the same substance, through the DJ´s music on the same vibration, all through the night, totally in rapture as this giant golden sphere is rising from the sea the coming morning.

So is it all changed? the true spirit fading?... Sometimes I was in doubt till this weekend only some time ago. Some 30 fraggles came together celebrating the coming summer solstice. After inviting and greeting the good spirits our thoughts were cleaned in the nightly sweat lodge. This was the first time for me and a very special experience.The coming morning we were introduced into shamanic travelling undergoing this jurney only accompanied by the beat of a indian drum. After that the DJ began playing her set... slow and energetic at the beginning to wild and crazy towards the end. Everybody danced overly joyful... laughing faces...smiling eyes... When Sun Projects 'Slomanco' was played the people became ecsatic, holding hands, forming a big circle and danced a whole.... true magic.
Afterwards everybody felt that this was something very special and my friend asked me: " why can´t it be like this everytime...all the time?" I am not sure if it can be like this on a festival...
but I know that it could...

Love and light to all the wonderful Goa-People out there !


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