Trance means for me...

...a special kind of feeling...

Author: Joi
Date: Apr 22, 2008
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Trance is a special kind of feeling being out of space and time. It`s nothing new, it`s old and exist in every culture.Shamans, indian medicinemen, derwisches ec. use nature drugs and dance to get in contact to another undescribable,colourful world.
Dancing hours to very loud, rhythmical noises (specially with the help of modern drugs), persistent headbanging or just a marathon can have the same effect.
So trancemusic can be helpful to reach this world for a short time (don`t forget to come back!) or it can be just fantastic for an endless dance.
My life has changed already in the sixties with the flower power hippies and some "mind-expanding" drugs and I`m happy that this movement has never stopped but get only another name called "Trance".
I wait for the moment when the fast African Rhythms unite with the Goatrancedancefullontechno.
So, let`s trance !

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