What does Trance mean for you?

Author: Sergi ad Dharma
Date: Jan 8, 2010
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The question is back... this time asked by high-energetic Trance head Sergi ad Dharma and adressed to some artists who performed at Universo Paralello festival in Brazil only few days ago as well as some party fraggels on the site.

Bjorn, aka DJ Iguana/ Naked Tourist (Berlin, Mundo): "A big part of my Life".

Rob, aka M Theory (London): "It depends on the place you are. It has a different meaning in each place."

Till, aka Daksinamutri (Marburg, Germany): "Trance for me is a colorfull lifestyle with many different influences which hybrid into something  very powerfull and artistic. Trance for me is also a passion and one expression of music and art."


Andreas, aka Materia (Austria): "I was introduced to Trance by friends what made it feel familiar from the first moment, so its family and music. Music itself is something i can drawn in! Driving!".

Celli (Ibiza, Spain): "Wow!. Pfrrr!.Parties are opportunities for people to escape everyday life. Porque? (Why?) because there is much, more much. This is just an opinión, but there are many others. For a person Trance can be a ritual, for others only having fun"

Bryan, aka Sensient (Los Angeles, USA): "Wow!! Sound that resonate in my soul and connects me closer to people I love and the rest of the world. And it´s fucking fun!! J"

Adolfo Usier, aka DNI (Spain): "Trance for me is a feeling, is a Life, is a breath...without trance impossible live."

Leslie Cowan, aka Time in Motion (Copenhagen, Denmark): "Trance for me is all about creating sounds and atmospheres that gives a special feeling to the listeners and yourself. If you listen to trance and it takes you on a journey then trance is forfilled in my opinión. Trance makes your mind happy and your soul complete!"


Simon, aka Freakulizer/Khainz (Switzerland): "Music. Friends. Connections. Fun. Culture. Entertainment is as well.Uhmmm...let me think. Like a meeting. Good Vibes. Culture Exchange. You learn, you meet people from many places".

Clariana aka DJ Clari ann (Brasil): "For me is like some way to go away from the system. Break out the system. Enjoy with friends. Have a good experience. Push your limits. Find myself in life experience and bring this thinks to learn. About celebrate with love, to make a better world to people forgetting the differences. We are one, it´s all connected in a big family"


Jose Antonio aka Ojos/Trancemission (DF, Mejico): "Trance for me is job. My job and what created my Live in the last years. That´s all".

Ramon aka Sonka (DF, Mejico): "Ayyyy. A way of living and the expectative of reaching a dream".

Jossie Tlch (Mejico): "Esteeee...(mexican typical expression). Do you know what i liked a lot? To meet important people in my life, almost family. Passion, basically".

Ulises aka Odisseo (DF, Mejico): "For me the word Trance is like opening a door to the inconscious to be more aware about yourself and with your surrounding. IT is like a door to realize and be conscious about things that everybody we are looking for as human beings"


Hugo Caballero aka Gandulk Caballero/Trancemission (DF, Mejico): "Is the music of a new era and of its new generations".

Tristan (UK): "A way of Life!"

Philipp (Munich, Germany): "Soooo...Trance for me it is a balanced state of mind where you can focus on things...yeah! I think to focus is the main key to a trance state of mind. Trance can be working on a track in the studio, in a state of creativity".

Alok, Logica (Brasil): "More than just a music!)

Bhaskar, Logica (Brasil): "A new way."

Adam, aka Headroom (Capetown, South Africa): "Trance creates a médium that enables people to comfortably brake free from the conformest tendancies that our modern society often steers us towards".



Other opinions of participants:

Ingmar (Germany, frequent assistant to trance festivals around the world): "Fliegen, man! (Fly, man!)"

Karin (San Paolo, Brasil, UP Team): "A good Trance put you in a mood, a good mood."

Marietta (Garçes, local from Bahia): "Psicodelismo."

Marco (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, assisting for the first time to a trance festival): "Another state of mind, if it´s good no drugs are needed.  The music is the drug J"



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