Trance means for me...

...Electronic music and culture!

Author: Happydane
Date: Apr 21, 2008
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In a time and place where the seeming essence of society is materialism, where people are governed by fear and where corporate fascism roams – one has a choice: To conform to the standards of society, or to have the courage to stand by ones own conviction and realize ones full potential, without being interrupted by the superficial standards dictating the world around us. There are many ways one can accomplish the latter, the culture is my way of doing it.

To speak of electronic music alone would be arbitrary, since it is so much more. It is a gateway to an arena where music, openness, common interest and energy flows in such a manner, that the synergy generated leaves most people with no other choice than to venture out into and embrace the ensuing culture this phenomena generates. You have to search far and wide for a scene where so many smiles, altruistic behaviour and good intentions are displayed in one place and time.

Is this because we as a community are hardwired in a different fashion? Are we just special? Or maybe weirdos? The human being as a creature is in no way a tabula rasa at birth, as a species we are endowed with dispositions for some basic instincts like fear, aggression, the libido and the extent to which we let them govern us, is determined by character, attitude and our capacity for rationality. The real world attempts to manipulate and take advantage of our instincts, driving us towards product X or evil terrorist Y leaving behind little room for the finer things in life, and no – not the shiny stuff. It is a conscious manipulation of the stone-age brain in a hypercomplex reality, serving to keep the masses in check and the truth be veiled.

This culture is a path away from the insanity we call society. A path which once on it gives u an insight into the goodness of the human being and its potential. It leads to where no such thing as religion, nationality or race can interfere with that very special thing we have in common. It’s a place which nullifies the prejudice mechanisms of the human mind, where culture, music and spirit transcends and becomes object for passion, personal -and spiritual development.

It is as if the people in this scene are more balanced and in tune with nature, energy and our “connectedness”. As if being in a field of flowing energy has opened up the capacity for sharing and once there with those very special and often random people, after those very many hours of partying; exhausted, thrilled, intoxicated, filled with vigor and you look around and catch the eyes of friends: it’s as if we are family for that moment, parallel beings experiencing one of the wonders of life. It is beyond proper description, something money cannot buy and something no one can force into taking place.

It has become an intrinsic part of my being: an arena where I can realize concrete and abstract projects for self development. Here I’m not confronted with the more negative aspects of human nature, which seem like are becoming a more and more dominant. It’s a place where the human being isn’t constrained by its nature and as such becomes the meta-being, the next step – now.

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