Trance means for me...

...A Family Gathering...

Author: psygoddess
Date: Apr 21, 2008
Views: 3300

The Cheshire Moon is out tonight

Shining its beauteous, silver light

Upon a scene of color, fire,

And nature's most potent, euphoric desire

As spirits, our souls meld into one

The meeting of minds has already begun

We've travelled so far, seeking freedom and peace,

A respite from the norm, psychotropic release

When the sound of the bass drum enfolds you once more

Your reality changes, you walk through the door

Now is forever, this moment in time,

Engrained in your memory, a trance so sublime

Here in Nirvana, with fairies and friends,

Our tribe comes to gather, our consciousness bends

And thought all must return from whence they came,

The change is irrevocable; life will never be the same

Author: psygoddess / Date: 22.04.2008 23:43:55

There are actually supposed to be breaks between every four lines... I guess maybe they got sucked into another dimension when I uploaded this : )

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