Trance means for me...

...the symbiosis of the mind altering agenda...

Author: zelnum1
Date: Apr 16, 2008
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It’s a tidal wave of notes that you are dancing on it’s a psycadilic experience that no words can express. When the rhythm moves through you causing a euphoric since of passion, love and the essence of the sprint embarking your body to take you to a different dimension also none as the trance state of mind.

In order to reach a trance state of mind, make sure you realize that it’s the point of no return; a part of you has to die with no fear or no remorse. If you need to remorse then remorse a little & say good bye to the person you are and welcome the person your going to become, but never fear, there is no need for fear for fear will be the death of you.

The symbiosis of the mind altering agenda, the trance state has a twisted since of being alone yet being universally everywhere at once. As I am closing both my eyes so I may concrete on one and I feel the opening of my own third eye.

In my heart, the musical journey is barely over it is uplifting to where I am able to here the language of the gods telling me begging you to stop harming her lift! “Lift your feet and rejoice to the sound of the rhythm that is in you!” she screams. Celestial beings from all over the galaxy join and unite at this sacred gathering. My soul reaches to the stars above projecting out the negative energy with in the world and myself.

The over whelming of all the emotion is mind blowing your body cannot & will not stop. We are celebrating with or friends, family & strangers that all have this connection with each other through the rhythm that flows through or mind, body and soul. The priestess/ priest takes you beyond this world and can take you to the center of your heart if you let the rhythm inside. And once they get inside you can go there anytime you want. You just get up and you let the rhythm flow through your body as you feel yourself take flight in a trance state.




Dear Reader,

I wrote this not wanting to put it in a contast, I am not even a compettive person. But how can I give up a chance not to go to the boom festival with the mind blowing music they have each year.

I hope that when you read this you enjoyed it... If you have any questions you can get in tourch with me at


Many blessings

Christina M. Smith


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