Is the Psy Trance scene splitting?

Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 24, 2008
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Discussion between Rodrigo, owner of and Roberdo from crew


I was just wondering that sometimes we give too much exposition for people who maybe is not interested on trance anymore. It´s just a thinking, nothing against anyone.

Best regards



Aloha Rodrigo,

Thank you for your mail! Actually I do not really get your point- can you please explain? What exactly do you mean? Thanks a lot!




Roberdo, I mean that sometime I dont feel confortable with those who wants to play electro and house using the trance scene, on sites, line-ups and etc. And also for example, since Chaishop or Psyte give space for "electro" or "house" scene, our won users will start to use other sites and other parties. I just want to understand why do we allow this. Rodrigo


Heya Rodrigo!

Thank you very much- now I get your point! I think this is gonna be a very interesting correspondency... ;)

Well, of course nowadays there are quite a few musicians who originally hail from the goa / psytrance scene but who produce techno nowadays. Actually I just wrote about this development in my trancers guide to the galaxy article. did you already receive your exemplar?

The interesting question is: Is this part of the normal evolution of the trance scene or is it not? Well, if we look at artists like sebastian krueger, sally doolally or ticon- this peoples are definitely parts of the psytrance scene. now their style has changed and i think it changed because of kind of natural artistic evolution, as kind of logical consequency. and the artists again are one of the major powers which supply the scene with energy and evolve it. so for me the recent techno trend is part of the evolution of the trance scene, its not just new techno or house stuff. and its an pretty big issue: not only that really many artists orientate to electro / techno. its also the promoters who do: for example boom festival will present this "groove beach" floor which is announced as a "major floor"- presenting electro, minimal, techhouse, dubstep... this definitely shows that there are not few people being interested in this style within our scene, no?

What will happen next? Will the scene spilt? Will there be one psy trance part listening only to fullon and dark psy and the rest...? what about the rest? will they just become "regular" techno freaks? or isn´t it already a grown scene with a huge background, with a psychedelic past but a technoid present?

One other point is very interesting for us: why do you think our won users will start to use other sites and other parties?

Am really looking forward for your reply!
All the best: Roberdo


Hi Roberdo,

My opinion is very simple, trance scene should have it´s own evolution. Because trance is one thing, electro and techno are totally different. Of corse we are able to play techno and electro also, but this way I believe we betray the movement.

Acting like this we are not considering people who dont like electro and techno, and who invested in tickets that suported the trance scene throughout the period. I dont think it´s right electro artists trying to promote themselves using the trance scene. Would be better if they could make their own parties. The popularization of digital music and styles is taking de value of the scene/market, because anyone can throw anything, it seens to me like no organization. It means the big players, who have power of investiment will take everything for them. So in the end, what do we believe anyway?

I think we should set an example and keep focused on trance, maybe a kind of closed again, because of the contrast, trance scene can be the most fragile in the future.

I go longer, I think since a long time, websites around the world are the big engine of everything, because we give the information. So if we open space for electro and techno, it means we agree that what we were doing was something from the past, and it´s not. Trance is what touch people deep inside. So organizations weel feel like do the exactly the same thing.

Lets be honest, this is not concept, it happens because these electro and techno artists changed theier minds, and they want to be pop stars, like Sam, hahaha.

Let´s keep the conversation.



Author: Back to Mars / Date: 29.04.2008 10:58:49

Personally I love psychedelic trance, whether it is the fast twisted kind or progressive and it really makes me groove and go. But lately other styles have been joining my CD book and taste, such as deep house, tech-house and electro. For me it is more that I like variety, too much of one thing and I wish for the next. Is this maybe what the movement is experiencing? Perhaps psy-trance in itself has not been evolving very much as a music style, it is quite hard to find real psychedelic tracks, as we may notice that what is psy-trance nowadays became very commercialized and maybe for that reason, people are looking for a different sound.

Author: onemadhippy / Date: 26.04.2008 12:21:19

Does it really matter if we ALL party together?Isnt this what trance.. techno...etc is all about- being together... be it faster beats or slower beats....??

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