Interpulse - Transcender EP (Open Records, September 2008)

Author: pr0fane
Date: Sep 27, 2008
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Former Mantrix-member Richie Hinkson release a rocking three-track digital progressive EP on the Australian label Open Records.

Artist: Interpulse
Title: Transcender EP
Label: Open Records
Format: Digital
Released: September 2008


The young Australian label Open Records have already made a positive impression in the minds of many progressive heads with their two compilations "Slow-Release" and "Festivus" as well as some good MP3-releases with artists like Fiord and D-Sens. The latest release is from a new Australian project called Interpulse - behind the project is Richie Hinkson, one half of the now former Australian psychedelic trance duo Mantrix which have a long series of albums and appearances on labels like Sub Records, Fabula Records, Psy-Harmonics and Green Ant Productions behind them.

01. Interpulse - Transcender [126 BPM]
First up is the title-track "Transcender", and from the first listen this just oozes high quality. Despite the relatively low BPM the big bassline here just pounds away like a proggy express-train, oldschool-progressive trance sweeps giving the right psyproggy vibe and nicely placed and never too over the top techno-influences. In a progressive psytrance scene flooded with mediocre boring same-old offbeat-bass tracks, it's refreshing with a dancefloor-minded track under the 130 BPM mark that blends proper oldschool progressive psytrance and techno. Outstanding.

02. Interpulse - On A Peg [126 BPM]
"On A Peg" is a bit more on the mellow side compared "Transcender" - the groove is still full on-prog, but with a less distinct bass and I think this can best be described as a slightly uplifting morning/afternoon tune. Not quite as memorable as "Transcender", but with some nice and elegant melodic touches.

03. Interpulse - Open Channel [126 BPM]
Last track on the release is "Open Channel", and here we're treated with a wonderful and very loveable morning/sunset tune. The start is more laidback than in the first two tracks, but the melodies and atmosphere more than make up for that. At first it reminds me of Antix in their "Twin Coast Discovery" days, but with a very classy melodic finale it goes even more full on again, with melodies that give associations to some older scando-trance. Splendid.

Bottom line:

I've listened to "Transcender" a lot over the last few weeks, and I can safely say that this release is one of the best progressive trance EP's I've heard this year. The style is fusion of tribal, outdoor-minded progressive trance and some techno elements and the variety is really good, with "Transcender" as the monstrous festival-tune, "Open Channel" as the deep and melancholic part of the release and "On A Peg" somewhere in between.

Highly recommended.


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