Trance means for me...

Psytrance offers us the road to freedom...

Author: Chemogen
Date: Mar 21, 2008
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We live under total control. Our present and our future plotted and planned and executed as necessary. Every event, trend and celebrity carefully organised and manipulated to control our mind and behaviour.

We have been conditioned, mentally enslaved, and thrust into a world of suppression and materialism. We are kept relatively comforted, kept working for the system, fed mass produced near-artificial food to keep us running while our minds are kept drugged by television and trivialities.

Our thought patterns are beyond our control, influenced since birth. It’s not possibly to sincerely think for yourself. We are running a rat race, with no chance of escape.

Psytrance disrupts the programmed thoughts. Its arbitrary sounds and rhythmic-synthetic noise jams the mind control and frees the consciousness.

Psytrance offers us the road to freedom, to unity between brothers and sisters of Earth, to realisation of our true human nature while outdoor parties strip us down to a near-primal state.

While we may never escape the rat-race, Psytrance lets us tune out for a while.

By Chemogen.

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