Trance means for me...


Author: Katty G
Date: Mar 15, 2008
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I wrote this after a slightly... enlightening first experience of its kind a few weeks ago; although trance is about the fusion of the people, the music, the atmosphere and the experiences as opposed to one particular memory or sensation... I feel this embodies the state of mind, as well as the open-mindedness (and hilarious fun!) that trance and its opportunities give its people. Enjoy!


Touching delicately, tentatively on each
Fuse or fragment of our myriad- threaded minds
I open windows to worlds
Like Lyra's subtle knife
Whose poignant point is audacious,
Fragile yet tenacious,
Since I pluck myself from threatened dark
Awaiting a new mystical whisper
To enlighten me, and touch on frightening me,
This absolute microcosm of my journey so far
Reverting to eyes with wise naivity
Or is it ignorant wisdom?

Raw; a slowly stripped - down dip
Into thoughs beyond language formed with lips
And considering which...
How slick and shiny a word
Even so tiny as ice or icicle
Would trickle, deliciously, down my throat -
Or chocolate sounds like lock or box
Would fox my mind as I could
Gollop these gorgeous signifiers
Of abstract objects
An asymmetric trick or a form abject
As I morph liquidly to the next subject.
This.. synaesthesia
Could not be easier!

I seem to see trees photosynthesise
In a symphony so surreal, and
Sloshed with dashes of luscious shades
Of colour beyond some dilute rainbow,
As low as the daffodils with chirping mouths
And as sky high as the sparkling stars or clouds
A furious sulphuric explosion of lights
To a shyly, silky show of shades like pre-storm nights
So sensual, and perhaps amorphous
Before morphing into shape so...
Transcient, ethereal, serene...
Yet at times sinister or obscene.
But I stop, and stare, and breathe,
As the world respires, and I am

Ah, all this I did
After sid was no longer hid
In my room!
Maybe next I'll see what happens
When you gobble a shroom.

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