Trance means for me...

...It's all Psychedelic ! Om Namah Shivaya

Author: Psy 84735
Date: Mar 13, 2008
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CoolMusic, i consider the next best thing to life. With all the subjective classification of music, it seems to have covered all humanity across the world. Music can have a lasting impact on ones mind and this happens almost unconsciously following a review you heard from a slightly more forward friend of yours.

What began with listening to the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin is now a full throttle psychedelic head trip into the inner realms of the sub-conscious self or maybe it's just the psychedelics talking, either way it is a lot of FUN. Ironically, all music that unites us also happens to alienate us when we tend to camp with a typical sub-genre suggesting total conformance to the particular style. This separation kinda kills the potential of an experience. The moment you think of something you don't want, you create a wall around and we all know what walls do.

There is an obvious difference between the club vibe and the outdoor jungle vibe. Clubs just don't cut. However, with commercialization, somewhere they have merged and music has evolved. What began as Goa Trance or Psychedelic Trance has evolved into Dark, Full On / Morning, Ambient, Chill Out ... which covers the whole spectrum of psychedelic trance ranging through different phases that make a Trance Dance Festival spread across 2-7 days or more. Some day we will wake up each day of our waking lives to magical melodies in the wilderness we so long to return to. Our ancestors are calling out to us to return to our roots and realize the oneness in all creation. Our collective consciousness shall resurrect the broken tranquility that will bring about the dawn of the golden age where peace is all that will ever be !
One big festival called Planet Earth !
There is no clear distinction with sub-genre styles blending into one another almost hypnotically, hence what i call FULL ON (which is an all out energy zone) is considered a style close to euro-trance by some. Psychedelic Trance has always had some influence of the dark side adequately expressed in music of the recent time. This mind shattering haunting style of psychedelic trance makes a treat for all adventurous crusaders raring to experience whatever comes their way open heartedly in a sub-conscious state in a trans dimensional realm. Through our fears shall rise our most coveted gifts and the dark seems to throw you right in the middle of all the chaos. This journey from mayhem to euphoria is best stomping through the dark of the night and the brilliance of the day.

Club Music sure does alienate us from our spiritual trance dance roots. But music itself is spiritual in nature and where the intensity differs it principally affects the human mind.

It is the suggestive nature of other more easily accessed music that makes electronic music so special. As little or no words are associated with it (we need some direction don't we...), the ground of perception heightens and an impersonal thought grows into a surreal story of the tripping ego and the unknown.

I love music and i dance fearlessly to all psychedelic sounds ! Thanks for all the music and madness we love !

BoOm ! Laughing

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