What does Trance mean for you?

Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 20, 2008
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Some call it a special state of mind. Some others speak about it as a music style. And again some others claim it to be a whole lifestyle. What is your opinion: What does Trance mean for you? What is the most characteristic about our scene? What differs it from all other scenes? And especially: What is it that makes you loving or perhaps also hating this scene and this style of electronic music?

Share your treasures! Contribute to the global trance network and tell the world: What does trance mean for you? Submit one piece of media which represents your attitude: Is it a certain photo? Or did you write a short story or a poem? Perhaps its even your brandnew track or painting? No matter what, the new version of Chaishop.com enables you to submit your own content more easy than ever before. If you can handle a simple word processor- you can handle Chaishop!

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Author: Divin-E / Date: 09.11.2008 12:50:50

From my point of view trance music and trance scene, is the new age form of a tribe. like in the past people gathered and moved to the rhythm of drum's and more kind of instruments, creating some kind of social - spiritual ONE beat movement, without any limitations, without any structures of moving, dancing or any dress code. When we dance, we do not think, or use logic - we feel. We do not use the left hemisphere of the brain [ EGO - Physical reality] by that we make room for the right hemisphere to take action [feelings, intuition, supernatural abilities and much more], we open our self's to understanding and loving each other. This is the climax in what trance music gives us.

Through it’s bit and melodies people dance, each person with he's creativity, and he's understanding of the music. I believe that we are all spiritual beings, soul's, part's of god, and that this music communicates the soul within and exposes it. in a trance party in nature or no matter where, there's always couple of factors that will determine whether this party will be 100% enjoyable or it will be less than enjoyable to none enjoyable.
The number ONE factor is the people and their own energies. Person can project positive or negative energies, it's all about whether love and happy thoughts going throw him, or it's negative thoughts and feelings like jealousy, hatred, criticism and much more of the lower layer (EGO] energies.
through the physical, mental and spiritual connection of all persons and their energies within the party, I believe some kind of a structure developed and build, and it's what i call "Global Vibe", it can be either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, so let's say 80% of the partiers are positive people, optimistic, love run's through their veins, they will definitely influence the other 20% of negative and make them positive thinkers and feelers, so finally you get 100% UTOPIA that connected as one part and heal it's self.


Author: dj juanocybe / Date: 22.04.2008 05:48:02

Trance has taken me to the right path of life in all his aspects.

My trance life is involved by cool, cult , practical , happy and modern people.
Also cool music Big festivals and parties.
new friends , new experiences and new ideas.
A lot of combinable ways of art that can be used in a common purposse.

So cool and magic that i turned to psytrance dj 3 years ago and now im learning to produce my own music, getting involved with other magical people and asrtist getting involved trance experience producction etc..

i love trance way of life i all his aspecs its recommended for all not as a fashion life style. (but if you look it like a fashion life style its better for you to know that is the best fashion of all :P).

chill out!! dj juanocybe


Author: photon / Date: 11.04.2008 06:20:49

this sound isn't just a simple style of music for me.

it is an life form with vast intelligence.

you can clearly see that in the synchronicity of it's realtime interaction.

actually, it is the 'real me'. the black sun is music!

Author: taguro / Date: 09.04.2008 17:58:26

Trance to me isn't the music, the illegal substances or the venue it is a life style. where I shall continue aspire to become an even better person with the basic set of rules that trance gives us.

Respect the other
Help out the other
Be thoughtful of nature
And most importantly, be a good person.

for me that is the true essence of trance.

Author: irishfaery / Date: 09.04.2008 13:26:48

trance to me is where the sounds create a movement in my mind and body through a portal where I can just let go of everything and really smile:)

Author: magiclantern / Date: 03.04.2008 22:51:27

1st one posted

more to follow!

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