Chaishop is looking for it's future captain

Author: sam
Date: Oct 16, 2010
Views: 3383

This is an open letter to everybody that cares about Chaishop and might be able to help with it's future.

After about thirteen years of managing Chaishop I'd like to resign and hand Chaishop over to a new captain.Ā I think it's time to inject new energy into this project and I feel that I'm not the right person for this venture this time.

Why do I want to resign?
Some say life renews after seven years. Well for me and Psytrance it took two cycles but now the scene and the music is not a central part of my life and interest anymore. These days I'm fine if I visit a Psytrance party once in a while and enjoy it as a guest. I don't need and don't want to be massively involved anymore. Therefor my motivation to continue with Chaishop is not what Chaishop deserves.

Chaishop currently is in an ok state. The site has been relaunched recently and is technically and design-wise in good shape. Content is regularly being added thanks to our chief editor Roberdo. Still a constant 10,000 users visit Chaishop per month and it's reputation is good.

Therefor I'm looking for someone that is interested in taking over Chaishop in order to continue with it's great history. Someone that injects new energy and ideas into the project and that is capable of managing the crew, the ideals and the finances.

If you know somebody that might be the right person or company for this venture then please pass this message.

All the best,

Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 23.10.2010 01:08:49

Best wishes for it ***

Author: FreundDerSonne / Date: 17.10.2010 02:23:19

Rentenantrag genehmigt. Alles Gute!! :-)

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