Win 1 of 9 Bigwigs albums!

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jan 30, 2008
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Draw a picture in Paint and win one exemplar of The National Heroes Of Sonic Parallel!

Nowadays there are quite a few musicians who adapt to recent trends instead of staying true to their nature. That´s a pity because it sometimes happens that everything sounds just the same. So its very refreshing that there are some artists who follow their very own style and elaborate unique pieces of electronic music. Bigwigs are a good example. Jrck Przezdziccki and Grzegorz Magnuszewski from Poland are performing their musical experiments for quite some years now and they never left their very individual, very artistic path. In their productions you will find heaps of samples from weird electronic sounds to classical instruments and singers. It is music that attends your soul and expresses strong emotions- and like real art it is provoking and controvers sometimes. Unlike all that sunglasses- wearing cool boys in the electronic music scene these two dudes represent a very freaky, humorous, self- ironic attitude towards life.

Now you have the chance to win one exemplar of their last album The National Heroes Of Sonic Parallel! In fact its very easy- you just have to be a little creative...!

The task of this contest: Draw a small picture using a very simple program like Paint in Windows. Chose one of these topics for the picture:

1. ethernal fame and splendor of bigwigs

2. bigwigs are alfa and omega

3. bigwigs love you all

4. pray to the lord with bigwigs

5. threesome in bed with bigwigs

Then simply send the picture to before March 1st. The nine most freaky, innovative, trashy pictures will be selected by Bigwigs and win one exemplar of the recent album!

Good luck!

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