Electronic Dope Records

Author: Mind D.
Date: Mar 17, 2006
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Electronic Dope Records is a open minded Psytrance, Freestyle(Psy) & Fullon label. It was officaly founded march 2006, but the first ideas and work on the Label started already in 2003.
The Label is located in Germany - Munich and is managed by Lorenz & Rene Nenntwich and their friends Danijel Galir (sales), Raphael Schuman (p&r) and Phillip Cepetic (bookings). The foundation itself was only possible through a lot of help by families and friends.
EDR is specially focusing on inovative & qualitative releases and the styles reach from electronic freestyle music over progressive fullon to melodic cybertrance.
The label was originally founded for some of our young artists & producers, in order to get them out of commercial traps & mainstream rules. So they got the chance to reach a real point of their visions, wich they can reflect in their music.
The results of their work are inovative creations like the freestyle project Psyknights, Full on projects like Kaos or Cybertrance Acts like Psyborgs and many different styles from the Artists of our Label.
EDR will always follow this way of creativity and there are already more projects planed that will follow soon. Our Page ( http://www.ed-records.com ) keeps you always informed about any new releases and gives you further informations about our artists and their events.
Its also possible to book all EDR Artists, contact the Label and to send demos through the webpage. A webshop is already under construction.


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