Quantum Leap (Kagdila Portugal) - Interview

More good music from Portugal!!!

Author: Juggler
Date: May 17, 2004
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1) Hello Quantum Leap, tell us a little about you.
My name is Diogo, born in 1975 in Lisbon - Portugal

2) What is your musical background and experience as musician?
I started my musical formation with 12 years old at Yamaha Music School (Yamaha Music Foundation) i learn playing keyboards (Electone), bass and guitar for 8 years, later i moved to Conservatorio Regional de Loures were i achieved classical formation, but this one for a short time. I beggin working as a freelancer musician performing arranjements in studio to other guys, mainly bass players and also had few bands from rock to metal, fusion, experimental and other styles.

3) How did you start making music?
I get in to Yamaha Music School as a student, i made good friendships with the school teachers and the shop crew, after my lessons end i used to spend time testing new equipments in the school studio and jamming, this was the first time i made music, in the right meaning of the word.

4) Wich one is your favorite ocupation, djiing or music production?
I am not a dj, isn`t my primetime ocupation, i prefer music production, i like all the creativity process.

5) How do you define your musical style?
Here comes the tricky question (hehehe), i don`t like to give a definition to “the style”, my music reflects the mood i have in the moment it is created, can be melodic or twisted, darker or lighter, i love to make a fusion between styles, the final result i test in the dance floors. Of course the music market demands artists to have a definition for marketing purposes, actually my music can be categorized as morning full-on with twisted elements, but tomorrow who knows, can be darker.

6) Are you collaborating with more artists or you work solo only?
I have collaborations with other artists, Alternative Control, Anax, Psytekk, D_Maniacs, Wavelogix, Sicologic, Psyrage and sure more will come, i like to share ideas, is very important for a producer to grow more and more.

7) You have any track(s) released? If yes were and plans for the future?
Kagdila Records requested me to choose artists for a major compilation, is a triple V.A. hosting artists from all over the world, inside people will find morning full-on (CD1), night psytrance (CD2) and ambient/downtempo (CD3). I have 4 tracks included on it, i am sure people will love it, is the perfect compilation for dj`s, for the wide range of styles inside or simply chill at home listening the ambient CD (#3), we add few delays but finally is out in the end of August 2005. I have more propositions from other labels to release my music, soon people will know all about it.

8) Your favourite psychedelic group(s) and album(s)?
I don`t have any particular favorite artists, but i like Audialize, Suria, Menog, D_Maniacs, Tryambaka, Clock.Wise, Cosmic Station, Binary, Khopat and international ones like Pop Stream, Anax, Toxical, Phanatic, Slug, Twisted System, Shift, Azax Syndrom, Vibe Tribe, Psytekk, Alternative Control, Astral Projection, Tikal, Killer Buds and many many more … is all about good music.

9) Something to say to people who want to make music?
For those ones are printing their first steps to music production, be persistent and original, innovate don’t imitate, and work hard … very hard.

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