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Author: Kore
Date: May 13, 2004
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Date: May 13, 2004
Updated: Oct 13, 2005
Text: Kore
Interview: Chaishop

Emiliano kore a.k.a. Dj - kore / nitRo -live act-, is a mexican artist renowed internationally. Starting his 5 th year of carreer he has played arround the Globe in places like Mexico, Germany, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Brazil, Austria , Denmark & Sweden in festivals and events like Tshitraka fest (Ger), Universo Parallello (NYE-Br), Indian Spirit (Ger), Tranceformation (Br), Wonderland fest(Ger), Playroom (Mx), Surfsipuedes festival (Mx), Summer Club (Swe), Butan club (Ger), Kat (Dk), Club A (Br), Zen Club (Mx) Culture Box (Dk) and many other events and clubs world wide ... His sets reveal the fusion of progressive tribal and groovy house-trance, incorporating aspects of electro, techno, psy and minimal. all this combined with a full conection with the crowd, to build up the atmosphere… Active member of Plastik Park & Sprout music from Germany; representing them worldwide. Head of zonik.\'.nektar & genetic ohms mexico, booking agencies & label respectively; with renown artists from the mexican and world scene, gathering progressive & trance music. Producer of NitRo live act that will shortly rock the floors worldwide

who are you, where do you live, (real name, age)?
emiliano >kore< barrientos d.
México city bassed, but travelling
20 years

what are you doing when you´re not playing music, (jobs, other things)?
working freelance for diferent studios making jingles, recording things and composing.
multimedia production. (design, animation, graphics, etc)
some sports, travelling, but somehow music its allways combined with my normal life….heheh if i could tell this… :-D

how did you come to music, did you play other instruments/music before you came to psytrance (roots)?
since i was a kid i passed threw some intruments: piano, guitar, bass , drums & percussions…. Then i made the propedeutic year in percussions ; after, i started to play in a celt¬jazz funk band experimenting with music from the world (name of the band elefante verde, we released a cd produced by some others mexican artists & producers) and also playing in tribal ensembles. Some intruments i play: piano, bass, guitar drums and percussions (djembe, tabla, congas, cajon, pakhawaj, talking drums, darbukas, etc) and allways open to learn more…

what is your style, how and when did you come to trancemusic, to producing, to your first gigs?
my style is a combination of so many things… but i like groove, fresh, pumping music – to send some energy to the crowds, to smile, to share with the others beeing in the dancefloor, in the car, in any kind of travell, etc.
I like progressive music, things that evolve while they are beeing played or made.
Ive heard lots of classical music when i was a child, ethnic music, celt music, tribal stuffs, some japanese child education and everything that comes from vibration, allways -some how- conquires my ears and mind.
when i heard my first trance music was with the guys from this band (elefante verde) in the beach…we met some guys from england, new zealand and germany and they showed us what was the trance…after this nice open air party…. -Only with 10 people-, we realized it was nice…. And we started to make our own tunes…. Then djing, and evolving untill im now.
my first electronic gigs were in friends parties, bars, and then i started to do it more profesionally. Sharing stage with shiva chandra, antaro, maily, sally doolally, sam, alpha, atomic pulse, haldolium, sesto sento, etc

what is going on in your local scene?
well México its going through lots of things lots of parties, but also some police problems and bad promoters….. but for sure underground is still going on…. In a more progressive way i think. Theres a big big thing going on…. But we need to be more serious and join our knowledge to grow toghether.
about producers and artists is going on really nice…somehow is developing more serious tha two years ago… but for shure we need more!!! But we are getting there mates!!! Yuhuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

what does trancemusic mean for you, how important is trance for you, what do you use it for?
Trance, for me means: a state of mind and way of living trying to reach the roots of where we come from, what we r made from….and were we go to…not forgetting where we are!
For me its a way to have fun and spread my message arround, allways beeing happy, opened for new experiences, and beeing a warrior!!! I use it to understand better the paradigma were we are now. Get people toghether!!!

what do you think about our scene and where do you think are we going to (development, future trend)?
Well, about the scene theres lots of thoughts….. to start: what i think is that we need to make bigger efforts to autosustain it… if dont something bad could hapen… we need to be more profesional and secure of our movement to start getting more support (and i dont mean beeing comertial) and we need to value the work of so many people and realice that its serious!!! And get conciouss about what we have!!! Its lots of potencial… we just need to focuss on getting there .
we also need to quit the mp3 and piraterie matters… cause this way all the artists, (and i dont mean only thee musicians, also the designers, performers, etc are involved in it) loose theeir job without getting paid…and lots of them just live from it… we need to develop a way for all being cool and evolving togheether.

what are your releases/events until now?
by the moment just a few pretrance release with the celt band and with the jazzy funk band. Also some coproductions playing percussions in other bands…
and some tracks i sold to transatlantic comertial companies and national companies for jingles, theatre, and mooovies. And some chill out releases son
im also working in a few diferent projects making down tempo, house, progressive, ambient, etc
events i could say lots… im not only in to trance i also make some other things with music, and multimedia, theater and some documentals.

what are your futurities, upcoming releases, upcoming parties?
upcoming releases: compilation by tatsu in 2004
and if everything goes ok, some single releases too… stay tuuned
upcoming parties: tshitraka project 2004, germany, 9-11july

what was the best, funniest or strangest experience in your carreer
one of the funniest and coolest things were in the universo parallelo festival in bahia – brazil 2003-2004. i forgot my tent and sleeping bag for running late to catch the bus… so when i got there i said dont worrie, things would be cool… maybe not sleeping or doing it in the sand…. No probs…. Then the first night came (the first two were without music, cause the party was starting in in the next days… and when i was thinkin: woou im tired…some guy told me hey i think im going to sep with some friends today..u want my tent…. Theres sleeping bag and everything…. I said wooooow thanks…. We r connected….nice…then , to not make it long, all the festival was like this…allways something funny happening…u know when u feel totaly in sincrony with the whole universe??? Well like that…for 7 days…amazing!!!
one strange experince … extrange experciences we all experienced once…. But at this moment i dont remind any to tell…

Contact: , , icq: 144945774

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