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-look back 2003-

Author: Kyoko
Date: Apr 29, 2004
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Hooray! it's starting the season for open air party in Japan, too!
So on this time, i look back at the year and introduce some party(organiser).
This is just a part of trance scene in Japan, but... indivisualy, i was very glad about these party exists in Japan!
(since 2years i was back to japanese trance scene, plz notice about it.)

* from them, unconfirmed party schedule for this summer yet... But hope, this year too, plz!! follow their info from website! *


secret party at tunnel (14-15 of June 2003)

over the tunnel

This was a secret(private) party at the tunnel!! Its happened on mid of June, at somewhere in Tokyo. To find the place, it's quite hard... There was no sure its right way or not, just follow the small map on flyer, drive on the under construction road inside mountain with rainning... But on the other hand, it's very nice adventure! and that's part of the party. When we got there(well done!!) it was still raining but no care about rainning and it was nice sound actually, because of inside tunnel! How cool idea they have!

The organizer Primitive made their first party at this tunnel 2001, and since then they organised some party not only for private, also for more party lovers. Last year at the party ''manatsu no Primitive'' (''Primitive in the summer''on Aug), 700people gathered for their summer time. Anyway they make pleasure of a happy family with people at party. also check about PREHISTORIC.

Dj : Aki (Primitive), Ita (Pri-), Kon (Pri-), Planet Dada(Pri-), Yuhei (Babyloribe), 3M (Pri-)

Mindgames + Dakini Records

LABYRINTH (11-13 of July 2003)

So... this was the party which i was longing to partisipate for 2years(i wasnt in japan and had to miss 2times...), really!! LABYRINTH is organized by Mindgames (for trance stage) since 2001 and Dakini Records (for ambient stage) on 2003. About 2000people came to Nalamata Camp Area (Minakami-cho, Gunma. it takes 3hours from Tokyo) on 11-13 July. Whole atmothphere were very peaceful and covered with nice peoples. Naturally decoration made us feel tender. Yes, Labyrinth organize coherent musical with not only artists and deco, also with all of us. People were smiling to see friends and had great time each other. i saw new friends at here and i saw many friends since 2years, beautiful time. Everybody(also artists!) enjoy their dancing at the dance floor, with super cool soundsystem! (Funktion one + Turbosound Hybrid System).

Mindgames Dance Stage
- Shiva Chandra (Spirit Zone: Germany)
- Etnoscope (Digital Structures/Iboga/Flow: Sweden)
- Auricular (Plusquam: Germany)
- Bitmonx (Iboga/Plusquam: Germany)
- Antix (Iboga: New Zealand)
- Aes Dana (Ultimae: France)

- Mapusa Mapusa (Auricular: Germany)
- Sascha (Bitmonx/Buzzmonx/Lube: Germany)
- The Strom Brothers Dj Team (Antix: New Zealand)
- Laureth (Plusquam/Spirit Zone: Germany)
- Peter Didjital (Digital Structures: Sweden)
- Creator (Interzone: Switzerland)
- Dj Oli (M.O.S./Nerve/Hinz & Kunz: Germany)
- Dj So (Mindgames: Japan)
- Kei (Quintrix Disc Lounge: Japan)
- Hideyo Blackmoon (Japan)

Dakini Records Chill Stage
- Kai Session (Dakini: USA/Japan)
- Aba Structure (Fungus: USA/Japan)
- Jiyuu Jidai (Dakini: Japan)
- Puff Dragon (a.k.a. Double Dragon: UK/Japan)

- Makyo (Dakini: USA/Japan)
- Aes Dana (Ultimae: France)
- Jeff Spacepod (Dakini/Morocco 2001, USA/Japan)
- Hiyoshi (Dakini: Japan)
- Hideyo Blackmoon (Japan)


BOM ODORI 2003 (23-24 of August 2003)

What's a hot day it was! Really summer day!! On 23rd of Aug, 1000people found their way to Ohtaki (Chiba-ken, by car it takes a couple of hours from Tokyo) for BOM ODORI 2003 organized by Trance Cafe.

Trance Cafe, they start making party since 1999, in earnest. Developing year by year and keep high quality.

As privately, i was also interested in the live of Paste. I have never seen their live before and also for them it was first live set in Japan. Must be too hot to play for them! But Patrick and Stefan played live set + dj set from morning to afternoon, nearly 7hours!! He kept ice (it was. but must be changed to water in soon) on his head. And staff brought big tank of water for all and watering each other at the dance floor, caz we need it! it was also so fun! Otsukare-!! (try to say this word, when you feel thanks for their performance)

Live :
Paste (Interzone Rec.),
Tetraktys (Sub Machine Rec.),
Yamabikaya (Shiva Space Japan)

Djs :
Patrick (Paste /LA BAAZ),
Stefan (Paste /NAZAL NOIZ),
Tonio (Trance Cafe / Plastik Park Rec.),
Ita (Primitive),
Shed (Apoxina Rec / Sub Machine Rec.)

*from BBC*

we love you all!! name:Stefan 2003/08/26(Tue)

many thanx to all of you.
the bom odori 2003 was super exciting for us.
huge respect to trance cafe posse. you did a great job!!
and to all the dancers: you were a fantastic crowd!
big time for us.
take care and see you somewhere again

(^o^)y-~~~ Bom''Bon'' has variety of meaning. here it usually means the Buddhist all Souls' day in japanese (Bon-holiday on August). And ''Odori'' means dancing. We have ''Bon Odori'' at ''Bon-Matsuti''(Bon-festival) in summer time in whole japan. Bon Odori = ''Dancing on the Bon Festival'' = ''let's dance and have a party, Bom!" So everbody enjoy BOM ODORI! Would you get it what i mean?

PREHISTORIC's New Year Party (2004@ CLUB Voice Tokyo)

PREHISTORIC is collaborated by Primitive(organizer) and friends, for more people can enjoy their party, started from this party. There were some new year parties around Tokyo and here was also full packed with dancing people at this club, even this was the first party as PREHISTORIC. We were surprised by Tonio's first live set, with pumping beats. We had to recognize his great talent! And according to voices of old audiences(not about age!) Yamabikaya is always something new and getting more cool year by year. Let's see what's next!!

PREHISTORIC select 5 tracks from this party(Jan 2004) -----artist/title/label

0:00-2:30 DJ 3M (Aki & Kon/Primitive)

*YAMABIKAYA/Mon the ant/Unreleased
*K.U.R.O/Atomic fission/PSYRISTOR TRAX
*IGNEOUS SAURIA/Pustracr/Cream crop
*LURI FAX/Dr zoidberg/Nano beat
*DRAKE DEHLEN/The ride,alex k rmx/Calme records

photo@Bon Odori 2003

2:30-3:30 first Live! Clutch a.k.a TONIO (TRANCE CAFE)

*Clutch /‚o‚g /unreleased
*Clutch & Tetraktys /Sucksess&Value /unreleased
*Clutch /fat ree /unreleased
*Clutch & Tetraktys /Mr wein /unreleased
*Clutch /U-boat /unrelease

TONIO is pefoming at domestic and foreign parties, and building his career as a Dj Tonio(Trance Cafe Japan and label dj of Plastik Park Germany). Recentry he started collaboration composing work with artists such as Tetraktys, Charasmatix. It is quite all right to say that it is the start of his career as music composer. This is the first live performance of his solo project Clutch! No doubt he will be rockin the floor with minimal-rythm and progressive tunes.

DO THE PROG!! by Ita

3:30-5:00 DJ ITA (Primitive)

*TRIPIATRIK / At Least / Database music
*NEURAL RECTIFIER SYNDROM / Face Of The Comet / Ambivalent records
*APHID MOON & ELECTRIC ANT / Vicious Cycle / Nano records
*PHACELIFT / Animalism / Candyflip records
*dj ITA vs. BAMBOO / 1st Attack / unreleased

photo@Bon Odori 2003

It was special new year partyyyyy!!!!! by Yamabikaya

5:00-6:00 Live YAMABIKAYA (Shiba Space Technology/Tod Aquarium)

* YAMABIKAYA/J.K.mono/unreleased
*/ tool o' resuscitation/unreleased
*/ back to creation/unreleased

Yamabikaya, by Takumi & M Solo, has been in activity as live peformance artist since '96, like we know! They take us to tricky groove world with phat bass line. The Live set at the party Bon Odori '03 (by Trance Cafe) was big success with much favorable by old and new audience.

6:00-7:30 DJ FUMIO (Communion/Primitive)

*Salco/ U freak Me Out(Katania up on blocks mix)/ Katania Music
*Panoptic/ Harmonic Germs(Red&Blue mix)/ Minimal Records
*Marc O' Tool/ Rhythm Dealer/ Electribe Records
*New Disco Science Alliance/ Step On This/ Progress Inn Whites
*Casa Flava/ Darka(main mix)/ Plastic Fantastic

7:30-9:00 DJ BIN (UTAGE/Iboga japan)

*Taylor and Kay/ Dose rmx/ Sunset Recordings
*XV Kilist/ Topan 5/ Spiral Traxx
*Vision and Canedy/ Privileged/ Plusquam Records
*Pope of Gegga/ Fellatio funk/ Baluns records
*Der Dritte Raum/ Spurrillen/ Virgin

party info for this spring 2004

April-May (holiday week) : BOSHKE BEATS & PSYRISTOR TRAX JAPAN TOUR (see detail) @ Wakyo
May 8 : "maniaXtyle" OUT AIR SPRING @ Maniac IQ

party info for this summer, there in not many in official yet... but you can follow the one of biggest trance scene of website.
Solstice ... and also will up date on chaishop/events/japan

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