Clutch, Shaman and D-Nox

Interview after TRANCE CAFE

Author: Kyoko
Date: Mar 26, 2004
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After the party of Trance Cafe(st. valentine\'s day 2004 at club Citta), we made interview to our artists Clutch, Shaman and D-NOX for the web site
chaishop(world wide)
to introduce some of trance scene in japan on it. For their great performance, we all of us could have really nice time with smiling through the night, such as you can see it on BBS (mmm, most voices writing by jp...) of

CLUTCH (a.k.a. Tonio/Trance Café)-jp.ger
Q: We are very glad about your appearance \"Clutch \"as a japanese artist! Your first live at the new year party, it was great success, too! Would you tell us how did you feel at the party?

Clutch : Thank you. I was also able to enjoy playing with very fine crowd. I was quite surprised about it, because they were so nice and feel free to enjoy! That’s the most important for party, I was impressed anew by the fact. On the other hand, Shaman and D-Nox also made nice atmosphere for the floor by their unique style. For me the live of Clutch was ok. And I see what’s anew problem for next, I will work it step by step and carefully.

Q: How do you think about japanese trance scene through past some years?

Clutch : It’s goes to shift multipolarity. So people can enjoy on each scene. Specially Progressive is increasing focus on this scene. I think it’s interesting to create free idea from changing music for future.

Q: Would you explain and tell us about your tracks(sounds,release,next live,etc...)?

Clutch : Some of my tracks gonna be released from BPF RECORDS and MANIAC IQ RECORDS in a few month. And approaching to other label. For now, I will create music for dj use, simple but pumping. Creating music is like a cooking peperoncino. Even cooking with a few stuff, depend how to cook or depend on the flame, it would be different taste. I would like to create sounds, carefully those facts.

SHAMAN (Plusquam rec.)-swe
Q: Would you tell us your profile, how do you get on this scene in your life? What artist, label, or music is influenced on your life?

Shaman : I´ve always been interested in all kinds of music. Anything from Hardcore punk to Classical music but the electronic music has always been there. At first it was mainly “radio techno” but I was more and more drawn to the underground techno and later on goa and psychedelic trance.
The main artist that got me hooked on progressive trance is for sure Son Kite. When I first heard Son Kite I knew that progressive trance was what I wanted to do. Nowadays my influences comes from all musical genres.

Q: How was the party Trance Cafe for you? What\'s impression did you feel about trance scene in japan, for the first time?

Shaman : The party at Citta was very good. I´m very lucky to have played at such a big and professional place. My thoughts of Tokyo and Japan is that it´s a very nice atmosphere and kind people. I enjoyed my stay in Tokyo very much and hope to come back soon.
My impressions of the trance scene in Japan is that it´s growing more and more and people find it very interesting.

Q: Just after the first album\"Foretaste\" release from Plusquam records, we got nice tracks and were very enjoying with your live first time in japan! Would you tell us about your new album? (Why it\'s called \"Foretaste\"?)

Shaman : Well, it puts quite a lot of pressure on me to call my first album “Foretaste” but I feel that i´ve found my style and things are going good for me. This inspires me to work harder on each track I make and I feel that I can improve a lot more. I´m still quite new on the scene and we can expect more from the Shaman from Sweden :)

D-NOX (Tatsu rec./sprout/Electribe)-ger
Q: Would you tell us your profile, how do you get on this scene in your life?

D-Nox : I`m party of the technoscene since 1992. I was influenced by the first bi tochnowave at this time. Before that I was already djing in small clubs and café but without techno.
After years like 1995, some friends they took me to a party which was and is call VOOV experience. This was my first psychedelic trance party. I like this kind of partys a lot much more than the psychedelic music. From there on I took another 4 or 5 years to get into psychedelic trance. It was 1999 when psytrance became much more progressive and minimal and at this point I discovered my love for this music. I need the perfect mix between all styles, from house to psytrance from breakbeat to techno. All this makes it so interesting for me.

Q: How was the party Trance Cafe for you? What\'s impression did you feel about trance scene in japan, for the first time? Also we want to know about your world tour(grobal travel as D-NOX), impressive or memorial party and so on.

D-Nox : First of all I have to say that this was my really first time in Japan and I have to say thanks a lot to Mario and Tonio for being great promoters and teachers. Also I have to say thank you to Jun and Yoke and to all the others for being so nice and friendly.
For me it was a just a great time and I never felt bad.
The Trance Café party was just amazing. I never so such a professional party. The whole club, the technique, the lightsystem, the projection and the sound were great. I love to way how the people are and I was totally impressed from the whole way how the people show their respect to each other. Japan people I think are the most special peoples in the world with the most relaxed and respected culture. I love that!
About the trance scene I actually can´t say that much because I only I been to one party. But before I came to Japan I heard a lot about the scene and I don`t know anybody who had bad experience. Everybody around the world is talking good things about the trance scene in Japan.
About my small world tour: Finally I can say that I am very happy for all the experience. It was nice to be in four different continents in the last two month. Its nice to meet people and start some new projects or get lots of nice inspiration. Brazil was hot, Australia was great, Hungary was sweet, UK was cold, Japan was crazzy. I think I need some time to rework all the impressions.

Q: Please explain about your dj style usually and at T.C. And which artists are your recommend now?

D-Nox : About my style, I think is is difficult to label my music. I open for everything. It`s easier for me to say what I don`t like.
I don`t like fast music, I don`t like the ususall psytrancebeat, I don`t like this old and well known syntetic beats. I think and I`m sure the fast music has no groove – SO I like a lot music with groove and different basslines. More funky stuff. Here in germany people use to say “girls music”. I like to play as last Dj in a party and I love to play with the crowd. I use to get a connection to the people on the floor, I`m there to spread a party!!! I think at Trance Café I did something similar .. I was up to have party together with the people on the floor. I think it worked because nobody left home!!!
Some Artist right now: I love INFUSION from australia, check this out!!! Some others are DJ Dimas from Madrid. Also the new album from Son Kite is gonna be fantastic, I got the chance to listen it and I have to say that this gonna be the best trance album from the last three years.
If you need some infos about my track listings check out my website:

Q: thanks a lots for this time!

D-Nox : Thanks a lot too. Wish you the best and hope to see you again, thanks to Mario and Tonio and all the lovely people from Tokyo!!!

Special thanks to Trance Café!
this interview by Ita (Primitive / PSYNEWS) and Kyoko (Chaishop)

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