Froggle Records

9 exclusive tracks compiled by dj Anakis ...

Author: left hands
Date: Dec 18, 2003
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Froggle Records presents

9 exclusive tracks compiled by dj Anakis ...

:: History ::

Froggle Records was creating in September 2002 by two French Dj, Anakis and Butterfly. The site of this new concept is at La Rochelle, in France on the Atlantic coast.

This label is inspired by a character, mid human, mid frog, nicknamed ìFroggyî. He likes travelling toward to unknown destinations where he takes good times to rave in trance psychedelic electronic parties.

Passionate by this culture, he's in search for news artists and composers already confirm in order to promote and produce them with Froggle Rec. label. His style is not fixed on a particular sound but on a groovy ambient and psyche trance. He'll be our guide and spokesperson for all this experiences. We are very happy to share this adventure with you

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