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Date: Oct 27, 2003
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Text: In-r-voice

IN.R.VOICE was founded by Russian musician Denis Kozlov in Moscow in 1992. In 1993 radio play brought the project its first popularuty with the track Ne Voules Vous Pas. It was top of the Russian dance music charts at Russia's number one radio station, MAXIMUM. After a series of concerts in famous Moscow clubs IN.R.VOICE won a Laureate Diploma for Innovation in Music, awarded by the Russian Ministry of Culture and art festival ARTIADA.

After recording its first Russian-English composition with Tim Healy (Electric Tease/Quirk), IN.R.VOICE was officially labelled as the first Russian goa-trance project by the DJs of Moscow Radio STATION 106.8, the main dance music radio station in Russia. At the end of 1996, live In.R.VOICE gigs were created as a part of RESONANCE - the art project, founded by Denis Kozlov in collaboration with artists from different sides of ultra modern arts. RESONANCE made nearly 50 large and small festivals and concerts from 1996-1998, and had a constant number of followers. In 1999 Denis moved to London, making his project known world-wide. He gave large live concerts and took part in festivals of electronic music in famous London venues like THE DROME (Mindscapes Party, Antiworld), TYSSEN STUDIOS-THE THEATRE FACTORY (Cosmic Carrot, Antiworld, Resonoise), EQ ARENA (Chichime). By the end of 2002, IN.R.VOICE had given nearly 30 live gigs at large and small venues in London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Bristol together with world famous musicians and Djs from all-over the globe.

Also by the end of 2002 In.R.Voice had released around 20 compositions in UK CD compilations, three vinyl singles and a solo album RESONANCE METAPHIZIX (which included a LIVE AT CHICHIME CD, a concert recorded at one of the biggest venues in London, EQ ARENA, featuring percussionist Stefano Cestra from rock band REVCOUNTER).

At the moment Denis Kozlov is developing a new project KARMAHACKERS, with an Australian vocalist, Naomi Bower.

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