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Author: Marcia
Date: Aug 26, 2003
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Style: Psychedelic Trance
Playing in Holland as DJ Mars (9LOH)

Electronic music created a great impact for this Brazilian in the late 80's, when only underground clubs played house and acid house in her then home town, Florianopolis, Island of Santa Catarina, Brasil. The electronic movement brought her to live in England in 1990, where techno, drum'n'base and hard trance styles were added to her electronic musical taste. After taking 3 years to complete a media, film and photography course, Marcia moved to Amsterdam in '98, where psychedelic trance seemed like an irresistable heat wave! Based first at the Elf House, an underground space that filled Amsterdam with good psychedelic parties during 98-2001, there she received much inspiration from many great DJs, musicians and decorators who shared this space together. Following this experience, Marcia connected to the Amsterdam psychedelic trance party crew 9 Lifes of Hofmann. A great period of creativity so began, where many aspects of party organisation, decoration and setting up, as well as DJing were developed. Mainly playing in and around Amsterdam, she also spent 6 months travelling and playing around Brasil, with short passages in Sweden and Belgium.

Here follows a list of some venues and parties where Marcia has performed as a DJ:

Club 020 (Alien Meeting), Amsterdam, 2003
Queen's Day (Bom Voyage), open air in the heart of Amsterdam, april 2002 & 2003
Tetra Cafe, Amsterdam, 2003
Club Unitas (Spiritxp), Wageningen, 2003
Eclipse Party (Zirk), open air, Amsterdam, 2003
Party in the Forest (Spiritxp), Wageningen, 2003
Club Melkweg (Empathy), Amsterdam, 2002
Internos Boat, Amsterdam, 2002
Donauweg, Amsterdam, 2001-2003
Club De kade (9 Lifes of Hofmann), Zaandam, 2001-2003
Polanentheater (9 Lifes of Hofmann), Amsterdam, 2002
1st Legal Life (9 Lifes of Hofmann), open air, Amsterdam, 2002
2nd Legal Life (9 Lifes of Hofmann), open air, Amsterdam, 2002
Coffeeshop Siberie, Amsterdam, 2002 -2003
Bar Sassoon, Amsterdam, 2002 - 2003
Roots Bar, Amsterdam, 2002
The Beetles Bar, Amsterdam, 2002 & 2003
Psychedelic Soup (9 Lifes of Hofmann), open air, Amsterdam, 2001
Hoi Poi Loi, open air, Amsterdam 2001

The Club, Sao Paulo 2002
Botechno, Sao Paulo 2002
Club The Beer, Brasilia 2002
Radio Transamerica, Brasilia 2002
Club X, Florianopolis, 2002
New Year's Festival (Universo Paralello), Alto Paraiso, Goias, 2001
Festa na Chacara, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, 2001
Indoor and outdoor gigs for the dj agency Absolute Sounds, Brasilia 2002

Swedish Full Moon Experience (Psychedelic Sceneries + 9 Lifes of Hofmann), 2001



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