Psychedelic Trip to Israel

Author: tomtron
Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Psychedelic Trip to Israel

4 o' clock. I woke up early in order to get in time to the airport of Düsseldorf. I wanted to travel Israel with my friend Claudia. She liked to get her own impression of today's situation in Israel.

After standard checks in Germany and Swiss we flew to Tel Aviv. At our arrival there the weather was friendly with pleasant 25 degree Celsius. The security check there lasted half an hour. They wanted to now in detail why we had come to visit their country, they were insisting but always friendly. That's hard compared to Germany!

Driving through the city you get the impression that everything is going well there. All was packed with busy people, nice surroundings with palm trees everywhere. You don't get to notice all the huge problems thy have.

Nadi and Avi of Domo Rec. picked us up to their place in the north of Tel Aviv. From there it was only five minutes to the beach. Without our connections there (like Jigga and Jinno of AP Records) we probably never got there. On our way to Nadis home young policemen escorted us, normal for Israelis but new to us. It made us feel secure there.

The first afternoon we went to the Schenken street, a place packed with colourful shops. Lots of artists and freaks live there, it was kind of like it is in Spain or Portugal, all people friendly and smiling all the time. We had gone to this coffee shop were Nadi and his friends meet and drink their coffee. Then we went to the Usta Krembo shop to see Zoob. He had a gig for me to play the next day in the label's club called Dinamo Divash. The shop was that beautiful that I was likely to forget that I was travelling that country I saw in German TV with all this war and trouble. After that we went to Domo's home talked, ate and gone to sleepÖ.

Next day I woke up so early that everybody else was still sleeping. After one boring hour I woke up Claudia and we went to the the beach to enjoy the odour of the sea. It was so beautiful, I can tell you! We spent the rest of the Day chilling, I needed the energy for my gig that night.

There were a lot of people waiting in front of the club when we arrived. For us it was no problem (we went in without security checks) but the others had to wait quite a long time because of the high security standards.
It was good for my ego to see all these people. I had to play the last set of the dance and the DJ before was supposed to play a hard full on psychedelic and fast set. My style normally is psychedelic as hell but I thought they wont bring a German DJ to Tel Aviv to play the style they always get to listen. So I decided to pitch the rcords down to about 138 bpm and played only European progressive sound. It was odd for the crowd at first but it turned out to be a nice time for all and the friendly feedback of the crowd and Zoob (the organizer) approved my decision.

After some Wodka-Red Bull we had a break of only three hours and then left Zoobs home again for a party in Eliat nearby the Red Sea.

We started the journey and I felt sick right away Ö maybe the Wodka was still doing its job J That would have been no problem if we hadn't to travel the desert for six hours in a row. There I was with my head wanting to explode but the astonishing countryside kept me awake. It was so beautiful I will never forget it!
We played at the Dodo party ñ it all seamed like a nice unreal dream:

We arrived at a five star hotel resort. It was the best address in town, directly to the beach of the Red See. We met the organizer of the event and went to our rooms were I finally got some sleep.

After a few hours Zoob woke me up. I had to play after him and I can tell you it was a great pleasure! To be on stage with Simon Posford and Jean Borelli was great honour. I played my progressive set but this time already knowing they weren't killing me for it. The main floor was right behind the hotel in front of the desert with all its mountains and stuff.

The party went on for three days and we were invited to stay there. After an extensive sleep we went to the main beach of Eliat just the way every tourist would do. We bought some gifts for our friends in cold Germany and enjoyed ourselves. It was different there, not so much police and security as in Tel Aviv. There you were able to forget about the trouble in that country.

Zoob made it possible for us to spend one day more at that special place and we joined in. We spent the extra time we had meeting other artists and exchanging information about Israel and Germany. The last night we went to our room to watch some German TV J

Suddenly Yossi (the organizer) came over and invited us to a dinner with all artists and the whole team ñ nice!

Next day Claudia, me and some of the others went to what I think is the smallest airport worldwide. The hardest flight control and longest security check I have ever gone through brought you back to earth immediately after three day of mind blowing experiences. I had to answer about 100 questions before I got to the plane! It didn't bother me that much because the officers where as friendly as in Tel Aviv.

In Tel Aviv we just had to leave the plane and it took us only ten minutes to get to Nadi's place. Back there we spent the time drinking and laughing about the stories told of the last days.

Next day I gave an Interview for Israeli radio, we talked about two and a half hours, played some of the joints I had with me and I think they liked it!

The last day commenced and we felt sorry to leave this unforgettable, beautiful and friendly country behind, all these nice people we had to leave, it was sad. For sure this country has serious problems but still it is so inviting and amazing!

One time I said to a friend there: How do you manage to smile so much with all the trouble? He just answered: If you don't smile here you'd have to cry all day long! There are five things that really matter: Good food, nice women, beautiful country, take care and enjoy but never drive by bus J

I want to send big thanks, love and light to: Zoob, Jinno & Jigga, Nadi, Pnina, David, Huda, Avi, Cid, Eran, Yossi, Sunshy, Annat, Maeli and everyone i forget.

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