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Author: Frederik
Date: Oct 22, 2004
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October 22, 2004 - Text: Frederik


NADI & AVI @ Klang der Essenzen

Frederik: Hello Nadi, Hello Avi!
Who are you and where are you from exactly !

Nadi: we are coming from Israel in the origin and now based in the Ruhrgebeat.

Frederik: Why did you found DOMO RECORDS,
What was the Intention !?

Nadi: Domo records started originally in 1998 as a shop i (nadi) opened in northern city of Haifa, Israel.It was an underground record shop and hangout place,and was intended to become a label also, but with bad economic situation
it was closed by the end of this year.In 2002 the lable idea was revived by Avi and the label was officially founded at february 2002.We started the label on order to produce, promote and basicly explore the music style we like so much which is progressive music in all its forms.

Frederik: Is it easier to start up a company, especially found a Label in Israel !?

Nadi: Well financially speaking, to start a label is not hard at all, like opening any other business, the main problem is to maintain it and make progress, and in this point it is very difficult for a label to survive in Israel moreover if its a progressive music label in full-on land.

Frederik: Tell us a bit more !? Who exactly is behind DOMO !? Who is doing what exactly!?

Nadi: Domo is basicly divided to two stations: The main one, in Germany is run by us, (nadi & avi),
when nadi usually deals with the labels activities,contracts and all the beaurocratical stuff, and, since we deal also with party promotion and bookings for foreign djs, avi takes care of the promotion side of the label, bookings and all connected to that.We have our israeli crew also which is run by Dj huda-g and DJ Zombi, dealing mainly in party promotions as djs and pushing the labels products in the small local market.

Frederik: You´re both Djs ! Tell our Readers a bit about your first Steps as Djs !? Why did you became Djs !?

Nadi: i was first exposed to trance music (or acid as it was called these days) in 92 in my last 6 months in the army, the feeling was intense and the vibe amazing, new music, new experiences,
but after one year the scene started to become comercial so i decided to start my own parties, and to stay dedicated to the underground vibe, and naturally to play in those parties, and this is basicly what i do for the last 11 years

Avi: i was exposed to trance music and trance parties around 93 through accidentally going to a party in eilat (the southern tourist town of Israel) and it cought me but it became stronger when my brother opened what turned to be the best underground location in wacky tel aviv of those days,I could hear all the biggest djs of the scene and experience the scenes development through it.
In 1997 i started playing in small parties, and after my trip to india in 1998 i officially became a dj.

Frederik: Did you also organize Partys in Israel !?

Nadi: As i said i have been orgenising underground parties for the last 11 years, from smallest 80 ppl get togethers, to 2000 ppl
tribal raves in the desert all underground, mostly without flyers or any other promotion just word of mouth..Avi was playing a lot in our parties and when we formed the label we started to make parties
together sharing the same spirit.

Avi: I used to make small underground gatherings in forests and mountains arround my village until I joined forces with nadi and became what we are today.

Frederik: Which Artists have influenced your musically way !?

crew: well thats a tough one but here is a short and very unsatisfying list of influences all along the year from older days till today:tsuoshi suzuki, simon posford, sven väth, mark allen, miko and guy sabag in the old days, DJ Axel, atmos, infinity project,
and more updated artists are ticon, son kite, phony orphants and many many more

Frederik: And how did you get infected by electronic Music at all !? Has there been a special Event or Party !?

crew:We both grew up with heavy influence of the first electronic bands and the new wave style in the 80s, groups like
depeche mode, human league, bauhaus and joy division were the beginning of the virus, and then the first time we both were exposed to this amazing weird psychedelic acid sounds it took us by surprise and stuck inside us until today :)

Frederik: Now you´re living in Germany and you´re going to stay here ! Where will this be and what are you planning !? Where lies the Future of DOMO RECORDS !?

crew : We are based in lüneburg near hamburg and are currently becoming a label group dealing with all kinds of electronic music which we connect to. Apart from the existing Domo records we will have VP records (which stands for Very Progressive), and Chill-n-fly dealing with lounge/dub/chill-out music.we are also starting our booking agency in which we will represent most of the labels and artists who are not represented in germany at the moment, more news later...

Frederik: Tell us a bit about your future Releases if there are any !?

crew: so, we have a very busy schedule for this year already and it includes an upcoming vinyl:The VP EP introducing our new sub label VP records, featuring a sweat attack VS Klangstrahler track and a BLT rmx to homer & lazon (Tegmas side project) , then we have sensifeel´s (france) debut album, and our own DJ zombi´s compilation
featuring some of the hottest names in progressive these days, more to be announced later on.

Frederik: What do you think and say about the Future of Psychedelic Trance and the GoaScene at all !?

crew: Well as it seems we are in a kind of crossroads today, the full on/psy music is back full power, and the progressive music is getting more and more recognised and accepted all over the world, so as i see it the near future wil bring
us some interesting blends and crossovers between all the trance genres eventually maybe forming a new sub genre..
We as a label will go in this direction in the next year, and first project we have is a remix vinyl to sub6´s track "7th son" with remixes from Ticon and Freq, and this is only the beginning..

Frederik: How big are the Chances for NEWCOMERS today !?

crew: Well we believe and witness alone that there are some really talented ppl making very good and professional music, while when we look at the "older" artists we dont really get anything surprising or ground breaking except unexpected surprises, so if we talked about the future than you need to invest in it for it to happen..

We have now 3 exclusive upcoming artists working with us in the label: Sensifeel, who is not so new in making music, but only now is starting to be more exposed to the public, V-tunes from Switzerland, and Elastic from greece, soon to bring some Wicked tunes out... and of course more to come.

Frederik: A lot of other Labels, even big and traditional ones like Dragonfly had to quit Buisness because of financial Probs and the overall Crisis !? What do you think about this Crisis !? Any Solutions or a trick how to handle all this Copymania !?

crew: Well as we all know the trance market had a really big hit in the last years, but now apperently things are getting stable and start to rise again. The best and safest way for a label to handle this days, is to actually play safe!! if youre a new label dont print more than 1000 copies to start with even if its a full on label,
or you´re absolutely sure that you have the best cd ever to come out, Its not!!
The most important thing for a label is to find a distribution which is true, pays on time or close to it, and one that doesnt promise more than it can give,
this is the most important thing after making good enough cds of course,
but in this matter no one can be objective really 100% as a label manager.

Frederik: What about new ways of Distribution and Marketing. What´s your opinion about it !?

crew: Well we´re searching for more channels
always but the market is very limited in this specifid genre,
therefore not too much to do other than push it in every other way possible, if its in parties or special deals with head shops or whatever possible, promotion is the key word and it affects sales always.


Frederik: Tell us your actual Top10 of Music and Top5 of Drinks ! Don´t forget the Jägermeister !!!


1. jägermeister :)
2. redbull vodka
3. Glenfidich 12 year whisky
4. kaipirinha
5. tequila mezqal

Frederik: You as non - german - do you see any big Differencies within the german Scene !?

crew: of course!! the german have much more indurance in parties the parties here last long long hours.
another Important thing which is totally different from Israel at least,
is that if you play your music good, the crowd do not mind what music you play normally, they dance to everything.
One last thing is the difference in the line up order, in Israel the night is progressive and the morning is full on
(if not the whole party from the beginning :)), and here its opposite and much better imo

Frederik: Anything else you want to mention !?

crew: Watch out for our winter session all across europe and the rest of the world, starting 15.10 with sensifeels album release party in Hamburg.

more info on our website: www.domorecords.com

or through email: info@domorecords.com


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