Candyflip Records

Thessaloniki / Greece

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Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Candyflip Records

Thessaloniki / Greece


Where are you from ?
Thessaloniki, Greece

Labelconcept and -philosophy:

Our main aim is to release quality electronic music.

We do not want to characterised by a particular music release style e.g. progressive, techno-trance, dark full-on etc...we do not want to place borders between music styles and confine our releases this way.

We prefer to place emphasis on quality whether the release is characterised as full-on, progressive, minimal, chill-out or whatever....There are dozens of labels around and new releases come out every day...a huge quantity but seriously lacking in quality...very very few labels manage to keep a quality standard on their releases and in my humble opinion we are among them...

Number of releases up to now:

5 releases :

2 artist albums,
2 compilations,
1 cd single

Milestones - best selling release:
So far, our first release- the second Wizzy Noise album "Cyclotron" (cdcf01) which was sold out

Milestones - releases you consider to be milestones in the labelhistory:
Wizzy Noise - Cyclotron album (cdcf01)
Candy compilation (cdcf04)

Free text about you or your project (if you want)...
The Candyflip Dj team consists of Doc, Stratos and Alex Candy and the label's home pool of Artists includes : Wizzy Noise, Igneous Sauria, Phacelift, Drone & Unearthed.

We have excellent relations with all international artists that we have cooperated so far and can also arrange bookings for them if required. Our friendly circle of artists is expanding quite rapidly...

Where do you want to go ?
where the road takes us...just take one step at a time- hopefully up the ladder!!

What do you do on that way ?
No regrets for the past but learn from mistakes, fight our way through present time realistically and visualise the future optimistically...

Try to describe your music:

I perceive music emotionally and it is very difficult to describe in words.....perhaps I could dance to it ? ; )

The best thing you did in your life ?

The best is yet to come....hmhmhm...would like to think so....

What will you do next ? Any plans ?
Many future release plans including the release of the debut album of Phacelift (ex-Magus) "Path of Pathos", the first Candyflip chill-out compilation, the long-awaited debut album by Kuro, a cd with remixes to Wizzy Noise tracks by famous acts and many more surprises on the line....

Whats annoys you / inspire you ?

Nature inspires me...always!

What annoys me? Injustice, lies and hypocricy........

Your sense of life ?
a flick of a coin..can be head, can be tails....time will tell who give it your best shot !!!!

what is your astrological sign?:
Leo with rising sign Aquarius

Booking contact:



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