Chill Tunes Of Greece

The complete story about Trance in the Greece!

Author: Nick Miamis
Date: Oct 6, 2005
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Chill Tunes Of Greece

Trance in Greece from the first appearance till today has found many fans, lots of parties with many guests every year and some big energy on the dance floor. While big moments of the Greek trance period were the Samothraki dance festivals, lately chill music has started to reach more and more friends.

The last massive Samothraki dance festival in 2003 was one of the most impressive and important psychedelic events of that year (or ever?) for the whole trance world. But unfortunately after all the hassle being caused by the authorities - in the year before the Olympic Games took place - we have neither heard any news or rumors about a new festival on that beautiful island.

The Greek trance scene brought up many labels and artists that did their part in putting the land onto the world trance map. Labels like Candyflip, Cosmicleaf, Oktava, Devic Craft Cordings, Creative Space, Joystick Music, Unicorn Music, Acidance, ZMA - and artists like Wizzy Noise, Triplex, Igneous Sauria, Spyweirdos, Side Liner, Cydelix. If you are looking for great chill tunes keep an eye on the first two labels mentioned.

Unfortunately in the last years there were no stable events held on a regular basis as we have many problems with police authorities in general, but there are some parties to join each month. Mostly in Thessalonica by promoters like Eternal Motion, Plasmatica, Cyberians, in Athens by Moonsun or Natural High. Most of the events are indoor, but we also have some good outdoor parties.

2005 has started well with some very good indoor events with well known artists and seems to be continued in the same way as our scene becomes more mature day by day, earning a lot of feedback and respect around the world lately.

Until the closing of this article no Greek festival had confirmed, but there were rumors about something nice in North Greece, so stay tuned.



  • Population: 11 million, Capital: Athens
  • Almost half of the population lives in Athens (4 million) and Thessalonica (1 million)which are and the most trance activated cities
  • For information about forthcoming parties, we suggest the It record shop in Athens (15 Massalias str) and Lotus in Thessalonica (7 Skra str) – and there are also other nice record shops in both cities.
  • Greece has many ancient spots to visit in every city and - many beautiful islands.
  • Greeks are famous for their hospitality and entertainment. They go out often for a coffee or a drink and know how to entertain; there are a lot of clubs, coffee shops and restaurants.




Date: Oct 6, 2005
Text: Nick Miamis
Photos: Nick Miamis
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005



Nick Miamis
(aka Side Liner, Mendark, Naga)

Producer/DJ & Label Manager for Cosmicleaf Records & Unicorn Music

“Music Is The Language Of Our Soul"


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