BLT vs mushroom

apearence on mushroom open air

Author: left hands
Date: Jun 26, 2003
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BLT vs mushroom

apearence on mushroom open air

Real Name
Yuli Fershtat

kind of artist:
Live act and a dJ

Style ?
My style is the gap between progressive psy trance and full on psy trance

Where are you from ?

Free Text about your Project
BLT was formed in the beginning of 1997, and derives it's creativity from early goa trance and psychedelic music of late 60's and early 70's. Very important for me to create a special feel / vibe in the crowd of non agressiveness and still keep it very happy and elevating emotionally. True trance is indeed state of mind but it should come of positive vibes.

Where do you want to go ?
i dont really get that question, but i would like to make ppl happy and give them the possibility to feel the nature and the world thru music i play.. so as long that it happens i am in the right place

What do you do on that way ?
i try to always get better ( technically ,artistically and most important as human being ;) ) that is the only way!!!

Try to describe your music or art
others will definitely do it better

What will you do next? Any plans ?
continue working hard, making music, maybe get myself a dog

Whats annoys you / inspire you ?
untruthfulness annoys me, being wrong to others annoys me, my country annoys me a lot ;)

everything around me usually inspire me

Your sense of life?
ppl waste their time being slaves to the system ... it is about time they will wake up. because as is, they are not really sharing life but being a part of a machine.. life is nice..

what is my goal in life?
i have no idea still

Booking contact:
BLT ( Yuli Fershtat )




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