Carbon Based Lifeforms

Goeteborg / Sweden

Author: left hands
Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Carbon Based Lifeforms

Goeteborg / Sweden

describe your style:
Spacey and melodic ambient

name an age?
Johannes Hedberg 27, Daniel Ringström 26

Where are you from?
Göteborg in Sweden

how did you get started?
We met in 91 and started playing around with Trackers on the Amiga in 92. CBL was formed in 96 as a side project to Notch (house / techno project we had with Mikael Lindquist). CBL later became our main focus while Mikael did various solo acts.

As CBL, we published our songs on in 98, and featured on the promo cd "103 best songs you never heard on" which led to some pretty nice downloads and album sales :)

In 99 we teamed up with Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields) to write music for swedish dancer Olof Persson's performance called "Fusion"

where do you want to go?
Basically we want to find the ultimate sound texture, make better tracks. This is not about money or fame but rather about personal accomplishment. We also want to play live to see how people react to the music, how they live it and get feedback from it. Obviously we want to travel and play in different countries (as long as trains go there - Johannes)

what do you do on that way?
We are currently spending time at the ultimae studio to finalise the album "Hydroponic Garden" which will be released in June this year. We had several other releases in the past, 2 tracks on Ultimae's compilation Fahrenheit Project part 3 (MOS6581 and Metrosat 4), "EL LCD - Sn* PĀ® Hisingen (CBL CARBONATOR REMIX) was released on Chillosophy 3 from MPDQX and also "Rise to tomorrow" on Ambient Northern Lights Volume II from Just Create Records. And the main goal is to experiment with sounds as much as we can.

try to describe your music or art.
Turning landscapes into sounds, be they natural, urban, space or fantasy. Creating the sountrack to utopia.

the best thing you did in your life?
Daniel : in a way it's starting to make music, my major hobby. Especially electronic music. When you're in a pop band you have to wait for the other band members to be able to rehearse as with your own computer you have the freedom to compose when the fancy takes you.

Johannes : start breathing on the first day, never stopped since.

what will you do next? any plans?
Write more tracks and prepare our live act.

whats annoys you / inspires you?
Johannes : computers for both questions, they can make wonderful things, and then they can crash and that's really annoying!!!

Daniel : what inspires me is the sound and beauty of the world, what annoys me is its destruction.

your sense of life?
Johannes : I haven't figured it out yet
Daniel : still processing the answer

What are your musical inspirations?
Solar Quest's "Orgship" album really inspired us to make music, it's a kind of bible for us.

booking contact?

your e-mail adress?

your favorite website?

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