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Author: Nanda
Date: May 28, 2003
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Nanda is involved for 15 rich and divers years within the electronic music scene. She has her roots in the outdoor underground movement in Chile, which evolved into Dreamvibe, the chilean pioneers of Chillout and Earthdance in Chile.

Nanda has a wealth of experience in many aspects of audio visual production, including from cinematography, sound recording and event production. Very astute with an eye for details and a great awareness and sensitivity for music and people.

Travelled and DJing around South America, India and Europe. Co-Founder of Dreamvibe(1996), Co-Producer of Earthdance Chile from 1998. Stage Manager of the Chill out stage at Voov-Experience since 2002. Interchill records DJ/representative since 2003, Working with „The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy" from 2004.


"Nanda plays a very personal eclectic selection of deeply sensitive, emotionally engaging electronic music that is mixed together in a fluid & organic style that invokes a wide array of feelings"
Jason (Tribe of Frog - U.K.)

"Nanda who's an incredibly switched on, sensitive little lady, i think she went largely unnoticed but her energy and input had a large effect on the chillout room, it was lovely watching her working the mixer, mixing organically and flowing with the music"
Michael (Sea Goblin - U.K.)

"Beeing around in Europe for less than two years Nanda already conquered hearts and respect of many people with her sensitive and inspiring sets and her polite and fun personality." (Chaishop - Germany)


Who I am :::: Experience?

- Festa en la Caverna, Sao Paulo, Brazil
- Festa Freackadelic, Sao Paulo, Brazill
- chai shop "Hobbits", Manali, India
- chai shop, "World Peace", Vashisht, India
- after full moon Party, Tabbo, Parvati valley, India
- chai shop, Kasol, Parvati valley, India
- Voov Experience, Germany
- Club Las Docas, Lisboa, Portugal
- "Excalibur", Germany
- Muskaria, Barcelona, Spain
- "illegal" party, Berlin Germany
- chai shop, South Anjuna Beach, Goa, India
- in the beach, "small Vagator", Vagator, Goa, India

- RAW Tempel/Ambulatorium, berlin, Germany
- "Club der Republik", Berlin
- „chillegal", Beriln, Germany
- "Sternstaub", Hamburg, Germany (
- „chillegal", Berlin, Germany
- Chaishop party, Köln (
- 26-29/june "Fusion-Festival" /Opening Set, Germany (
- 8-11/august "Voov-Experience", Germany (
- 21/august "Buddha Bar sessions", Copenhagen, Denmark
-12/september "Club "Nektar", Munich, Germany (
- 13/september "Islay Lounge", Munich, Germany
-15/september "Club "Nektar", Munich, Germany (
-19/september "Hit the Sky", Munich, Germany
- 20/september "Islay Lounge", Munich, Germany
- 2/october, "Zentronic", Pulverturm, Munich, Germany
- 4/october, "Dragon Loops", country side, Munich, Germany
- 5/October "Club "Nektar" , Munich, Germany (
- 25/october "Fuck Mary"@ Maria Am Ufer, Berlin, Germany
- 31/october "Sternstaub", Hamburg, Germany (
- 8/november ":: Do the Monkey ::", Holland
- 5/december, "Epizentrum", Munich, Germany
- 6/december "Atmosphere", backfabrik, Berlin, Germany

- 31st/dec. -2nd/january, new years eve "Odisee", Tacheles, Berlin, Germany
-1st January, Afterhour „Ministerium für Entspannung" aka M.F.E. - Berlin, Germany.
-06/03/04 „Hürsch im pax" @ Pax - Berlin, Germany
-12/03/04 „Special Trancers Guide @ Dreamsessions" Radio FSK, Hamburg, Germany (
-27/03/04 „TRiBE of FRoG Spring Awakening! @ Lakota - Bristol, UK (
-09-11/04/04 „Oster Sternstaub" @ Phonodrome - Hamburg, Germany (
-24/04/04 „Spring Break" @ Tacheles - Berlin, Germany
-28/04/04 „Klub der Republik" - Berlin, Germany
-30/04/04 „Walpurgis trance" - Berlin, Germany
-01/05/04 „Bar23" - Berlin, Germany
-04/05/04 „Full Moon Concert" @ Liquidrom - Berlin, Germany
-08/05/04 „Vision of Nexus" @ Musikzentrum - Hannover, Germany (
-21/05/04 @ Psy Dream Temple, London, UK
-22/05/04 „TWisTeD FRoG Label Party" @ The Rocket - London, UK (
-05/06/04 „TRiBE of FroG" @ Villamarchant - Valencia, Spain (
-18/06/04 „Bluebox" - Vienna, Austria
-19/06/04 „Super Kino" Vienna, Austria
-20/06/04 „Fluc" - Vienna, Austria
-02/07/04 „Full Moon Festival" - (open air), Germany
-03/06/04 Sinergetic Art (open air), Neuss, Germany (
-16-19/07/04 „Antaris Project 10th Aniversary" - Fehrbellin near Berlin (open air), Germany (
-23-26/07/04 Ov Silence (open air), Germany
-30/07-02/08/04 „Voov-Experience 13th Aniversary" - Putlitz (open air), Germany (
-05/08/04 „Underwater to Overground" (open air), Croatia (
-20-22/08/04 Wonderland 8 (open air), Germany (
-03-05/09/04 EtnoFestival, Pisa, (open air) Italy
-25/09/04 Tribe of Frog @ Lakota, Bristol, UK (


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