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Author: Rogerio Martinelli
Date: Apr 13, 2003
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Chaishop in Brazil '

Style: Psychedelic Trance
phone: 55 11 9126-4812

Set recorded November 2002 Listen here 1 hour live dj set


KOMPSET - Martinelli and Noffs
SHIVA KOMPSET - Martinelli and Jorg Kesseler(shiva Space Technology)
KOSMO - Martinelli and Noffs
MADRUGA B.R.O.S. - Martinelli, Vazik (SpiritZone/Mexico) and Alpha (Interzone/Alemanha)
SURVIVORS - Martinelli, Vazik (SpiritZone/Mexico) and Kore(Mexico)

In 1992, Rog?o Martinelli started to produce electronic music with project Aircraft, mixing influences such as Front 242, Front Line Assembly, A Split Second, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy among other classics.

In 93 the first invitation to play in a party arrived, and up until 95 two demo-tapes were out including the track "Run Away", of side project Organic Insight, which was released in a German fanzine "VERTIGO", and after that played in many night clubs in S?Paulo as Cais, Television, Espa?Retr?adame Sat?Urbania, among others.

In 1996, he got his first contacts with psychedelic trance which was beggining in Brazil, as trance was developed on the musical concepts of EBM and industrial. Such transition happened naturally in his careeer which was then focused to another path, experimenting other styles with more freedom.

From those experiences KOMPSET (Psychedelic Trance) was born, and the first tracks started to appear in the Internet as a new proposal of Brazilian trance. Then, Martinelli started to play more frequently in clubs and raves, and created the party-crew ELLIPSIS.

KOMPSET called the attention of DJ J?Kessler, who liked KOMPSET'S dark influences and grooves, and project SHIVA KOMPSET was born with a track called Yakusa, which was spread all over the underground scene.

In 1998, Martinelli was invited to be the official representative of in Brazil thanks to his big contact with the world and Brasilian scene, travelling then every year to Europe to follow the scene growth, and bring new releases and novelties.

In 2001, the first Brasilian trance compilation - Psychedelic Warriors - was out with 2 tracks from Martinelli: one from KOMPSET and the other of side project called KOSMO. In this very year, Gandalf compilation from Kethu Records was out in Portugal, with the track KOMPSET - ONE.

In 2002, Shiva KOMPSET released the second track by Shiva Space Technology Japan. Kompset played in great festivals brazilwide such as YPY POTY, Psychedelic Circus, CHAISHOP TOUR BRASIL, TranceFormation and others. In order to broad his connections Martinelli joined ALPHA from Germany and Vazik from Mexico, creating the project MADRUGA B.R.O.s.

For 2003 KOMPSET prepares its album to be released by Kagdila records, and international trips are also being planned
Club Frek*A*Delic 2002 Club Frek*A*Delic 2002

Chaishop Circus @ Castle - Cologne - Germany - 2003

Natraj Temple - Munich - Germany - 2003

Solaris Festival, playing back to back with DjCarbon 23 - Carnaval 2003



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