New Years Eve in Solingen / Cologne

Liebeszauber Party

Author: Frederik
Date: Apr 8, 2003
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April , 8 2003 Photos : Frederik Text: Frederik





The best New Years Eve Party around Cologne was the Liebeszauber Party in Solingen.

The Party was organized in a big
hall. When we arrived pretty late lot of people still danced like crazy .

Massimo Santucci finished his
Live Act a few minutes earlier and was pretty happy about the crowd.
Must have been a nice party untill here and now.

I spended the rest of the evening with talking to friends and people
and chilled there till late sunday, before we went home to Essen .

The Deco made by TOSOR was his Typical Stardust and Milkyway Backdrops which let you feel like hopping around in Space all night long .

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Mars & Kerosin the two Organizers from the LIEBESZAUBER PARTY POSSE played a nice Set also and the Chill was rocked by the incredible LIESE aka Rocket and the left Hands .
Rocket is Liese´s girl Patti .

They both did a nice and relaxing Chill Set to greet the first day of 2003 .

Photos following soon ...




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