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Author: Raimund
Date: Apr 3, 2003
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Sonic Dream was foundet as Sonic Dream Drummers in 1996 by Mikado and Franko, two shamanic percussionists from Berlin. They sort of formed an open, creative field for drummers, percussionists and other musicians for spontanous trance sessions,happenings and ceremonies.

The creative energy was perfomed throughout bigger events and small private sessions. Invitations to festivals followed such as german lovefield, shiva moon, alchemistischer kongress, the hungarian solipse and more. In 2000 Goa Gil invited Sonic Dream Drummers to warm up the field for his flower of devine love-performance. Troughout the years many artists from different european tribes and cultures joined tRaumstation (dreamstation) at the Berlin RAW-Temple (wich is a vital place to be) and the musical experiment Sonic Dream. These days we are six more or less permanent percussionists wich are joined by other musicians or deko-artists occasionaly. Together with the crew from Janusphere we recorded our first official cd, tribadelic fields.

Our concept was to express and channel the spiritual energy of shamanic trance music. We combine trance rituals with percussive music to connect body, mind and soul with the universal conciousness. We try to express that music is for the healing of the world and that rhythm connects the heartbeat of life with the heartbeat of the living species. Music, in our emphasis, is what is left after total deconstruction of dividing barriers - and trance remains when reality is deconstructed to its very essential rules.

We use the instrument as a medium between universal and human creativity. Non of our sessions had been performed before or will be performed ever again because creativity is unique like every moment in time. It has neither extension nor duration and is based on the very special constellation of people, mood, vibration and atmosphere.

Within our instrumental setting are drums from all parts of the earth - latin percussion, african djembé, asian temple blocks, chinesean gongs, indian tabla, aboriginal didgeridoos and european drum sets. Blocks cut from from the deep german woods, american spring-drums, oriental darbouka, spanish castagnets, brasilian shaker and tibetian singing bowl.

Our sessions range from translucient chillout-sound, deep and earthly tribal vibes to extatic psychedelic trance.

For specific information and a 20min live outtake (mp3) you are invited to visit our small website at (german language).


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