bad news coming from beautifull mexico

Author: Eveliene
Date: Feb 25, 2003
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last week-end there was a party organised by maia with kox box, polaris and hux flux being in the line-up..... the location was gorgious, the energy was great, real plur going on, the music splendid (except frank-e's set, he was really drunk), people were dancing till 7 in the night...... now what happened is that at one point a new department of the police, called AFI showed up and they arrested arturo, the main person behind maia, and threw him in jail...... for a little while nobody knew why, but the last few days we've been talking to the police and lawyers and they say the reason behind all of this is that party-organisers promote drugs to the music-lovers...... and as if this is not enough, they told us as well that this is only the beginning.... from now on they will arrest any party-organiser for the same reason and throw them in jail, because of which no out-door-events can happen no more..... my heart hurts me, this may not be true!!!!!!! arturo is still in jail, by now his friends have paid more than 10.000 dollars U.S. and he's still in there....... the world has become more and more difficult to live in and this makes it even worse.... and as this happens here, who knows which countries may follow....... it would be great if you could send a massive mail containing this information and see what we can do to avoid this to happen...... here in mexico we're seeing into the possibillity of organising a protest, but it's difficult... what to do against the law.... anywayzzzzzz, hope you can help out a bit, I love the work you do....... sending you the best vibes......... laughter..... happiness...... always..................

Eveliene / dj Akbal.

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