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Neurobiotic, January 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jan 26, 2006
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Neo::Caine - compiled by DJ Edoardo
Label: Neurobiotic
Format: CD (Digipack)
Released: January, 2006


One of the only psytrance labels based in Italy is Neurobiotic Records. Run by DJ Edoardo, they have over a 5 year period established themselves as one of the major players on the global psytrance scene - the first couple of releases where dark and psychedelic, but over the years their sound have moved more and more towards the popular full on sound, resulting in albums from artists like Altöm, Tikal, Polaris and Joti Sidhu. Despite being influenced by the popular full on sound, their sense of quality has always been top-notch though (with a few exceptions), and I personally consider the label one of the 3 best full on labels at the moment.

\"Neo::Caine\" is Neurobiotics first release for 2006, and for me personally it\'s been much-awaited, as the tracklist contains a very promising list of artists, with acts like Jaïa, Silicon Sound, Allaby, and Prometheus - let\'s see if it can live up to those expectations.

01. Tristan & Prometheus - Supernature [143 BPM]
Opening the show is \"Supernature\" - a collaboration between two of the most well-respected producers from the UK - Prometheus (also of Younger Brother fame) and Tristan. It\'s a really storming tune - heavy and dark, with an incredible relentless drive, and with a powerful bassline, strong enough to crush entire nations. A massive opener for the compilation, albeit maybe a bit too short.

02. Allaby - Aurorae [140 BPM]
Next up is Matt Allaby who is really started to get recognized for his work lately, with stunning releases on labels like Nano and Alchemy. \"Aurorae\" is yet another high class release from him - powerful, but without the constant breaks and aggressive \"in-your-face\" approach like way too much full on has at the moment. The melodies are stunning, yet quite subtle, and overall this is a wonderful morning tune.

03. Zen Mechanics - New Propulsion Technology [142 BPM]
One of Neurobiotics promising new names for the future is the Dutch Zen Mechanics, who has already showed a lot of diversity with releases ranging from chillout over progressive trance to full on. \"New Propulsion Technology\" is one of the best full on productions I\'ve heard from him; massive, driving and with lots of clever twists and turns. I just love when it goes from a full-throttle rolling bassline into the funky groove. Great track.

04. Jaia - Electricity [140 BPM]
\"Electricity\" is the newest release by Jaïa from France - the man behind one of the most talked-about albums of 2005, the magnificent \"Fiction\". My expectations for this track where huge, and they where fully fulfilled - the groove is laidback, progressive and absolutely magnificent, and the melodies and pads are so dreamy and fluid it\'s almost unreal. Words can\'t fully describe the level this guy is on - outstanding tune.

05. Pixel & Wrecked Machines - R.P.N.G.C. (Silicon Sound Remix) [145 BPM]
Another act from France, Silicon Sound, is up next with a remix of \"Real Pimps Never Get Caught\" from Pixels debut-album \"Reality Strikes Back\" - and what a surprise this was. Silicon Sound has made some excellent tracks over the years, but this is surely one of his best to date; incredibly uplifting, dreamy trance with epic Vangelis-like pads and with an abundance of lovely melodies. Marvellous, just marvellous.

06. Wrecked Machines & Pixel - Tea Time [140 BPM]
The most well-known Brazilian contribution to the psytrance scene is Wrecked Machines, and \"Tea Time\" is collaboration with Pixel from Israel. After the two very melodic tracks from Jaïa and Silicon Sound, \"Tea Time\" is more dance-floor oriented full on, but still maintains the high quality. A great track with the typical Wrecked Machines and Pixel sounds, but luckily without the cheesy hands-in-the-air Spun-melodies that, to me, made the latest Wrecked Machines album such a huge disappointment.

07. Orion - Welcome To Reality Remix [145 BPM]
Danish trance-legend Jean Borelli is up next with a remix of his own track \"Welcome To Reality\" - originally released on Neurobiotics \"Neurology\" compilation back in 2004. This remix is pretty close to the original, with the biggest changes in the groove, which is quite funkier than the originally, and not quite as rolling. A good track on its own, but doesn\'t quite live up to the standard of the first 6 tracks.

08. Polaris - 25 [144 BPM]
Polaris is the 3rd French act on the compilation, and with a few compilation-appearances as well as a full length album, they are among Neurobiotics most regular acts. \"25\" is overall a pretty fine full on tune - cleanly polished, and certainly with a very appealing groove. It never gets really interesting to me though, and I consider it one of the most anonymous tracks here.

09. Tikal - Experience [145 BPM]
Tikal from France have released two full length albums on Neurobiotic, and while their first album \"Ritual Cycle\" was a very fresh and pleasant surprise, the 2nd, \"Carnaval\" was somewhat disappointing. \"Experience\" starts promising with a very catchy, fast groove and some Tikal-trademark Samba-samples in the background, and it\'s actually a quite good tune... up to the point where the track is completely destroyed by some downright horrible Eminem-samples. What where they thinking?

10. Altom - Viper [145 BPM]
Last but not least is Altöm: yet another act from France, and once again an act with two album-releases on Neurobiotic. \"Viper\" is quite a typical Altöm-track with a mix of both the sweet and uplifting melodies and female voices, and the slightly more twisted and screaming leads - and it does the trick. It\'s nothing new, but as a dance floor tool, I consider it one of the best tracks Altöm have made for a while.

Bottom line:

In today\'s flooded full on scene, it\'s reassuring that some labels almost never fail. Neurobiotic is one of these labels. Despite the fact that the flow is maybe a bit odd (\"Supernature\" was for instance, in my opinion, not the most well-chosen track to open the compilation), and there is a rather disturbing track to be found (Tikal), \"Neo:Caine\" is simply one of the best full on compilations I\'ve heard for quite some time now.

The promotion-material from Neurobiotic says that the compilation is \"a crossover between full on and progressive\", but I don\'t know if I can fully agree with that (apart from the Jaïa-track). This is mostly morning full on, but certainly of the very best kind.

A priceless purchase for the morning DJ\'s and home listeners alike.

1(!), 2 (!), 3, 4 (!!!), 5(!!!), 6, 10


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