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Date: Feb 12, 2003
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DJ Tati is a brazilian that has the first contact on the eletronic scene with the techno music. In 1998 moved to Sao Paulo where she meet the trance music and start to get more and more involved with this stile.
She played in the most important clubs in Brazil as Klatu, Lov.e, Manga Rosa, Freak*a*delic, The O.N.E, Pulse- Go, Club.e - B.H and others. And
at Psyclub on Lisbon -Portugal. And in parties as Earthdance 2000/2001/2002, Cave -Daime Tribe 2001/2002, T.I.P tour 2001, Universo Parallello- new year 2001/2002/2003, Ypy Poty Gathering 2002, PSY Circus gathering, Orion , Phycogarden, Freak*a*delic open air, Tranceformation – Go, Pshycotrance –Bh, playing togheter with the most important names of the eletronic national and international scene as Haldolium, Logic Bomb, Human Blue, S- Range, Absolum, GMS, Neuromotor, Space Tribe, Sun Project, Cydonia, Raja Ram, Orion, Antaro, Synthetic, Deedrah and others. Played internationaly in countries as Holand, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Bolivia.
In july 2002 played at VOOV Experience festival in Germany, one of the
biggest and important festival for the trance music. Also played at Shiva Moon and Full Moon Festival 2002, togheter with artists Alien Project, Space Tribe, Shiva Chandra, Element , Kox Box , Raja Ram, Nick Doof and others.
In october this year come back to europe - Portugal for more three gigs. Playing now for the greek label ZMA REC, and the brazilian label Vagalume
REC. Her music goes from progressive to pshicodelic trance, but always very
strong music, clean, with a lot of groove, percucions, some deep melodies
and a bit of techno influence.

Dj Tati -ZMA Rec. / Vagalume REC.
5511–3120 54 92


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