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Author: Mat Mushroom
Date: Feb 11, 2003
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What started as a column in the mushroom magazine, now goes into business for itself.

The drugstore magazine is provoking,
streetwise, political and free.

As well as the mushroom magazine, the drugstore magazine
is printed ten times a year in handy pocket sized format.

The drugstore magazine starts off with a run of 60000 copies,
what makes it the largest specialised magazine in our scene.

The drugstore magazine is sent out to all cities and provinces in Germany as well as Switzerland and Austria. You wonÌt only find it in headshops but at parties and in clubs as well.

The drugstore magazine is addressed to the whole target group,
so thereÌs no spreading loss.

All hot information on the topic is presented to the target group by the drugstore magazine .

The drugstore magazine provides sales promotion with product information and shop features.

The drugstore magazine is the branch guide for the headshop jungle.

The drugstore magazine is the perfect platform for your company.

We hope that we aroused your interest. If there are any questions feel free to ask! Best wishes for 2003 from your newly formed drugstore magazine team!

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