Synaptic Project @ Butan Club

Wuppertal in motion

Author: Frederik
Date: Jan 15, 2003
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Jan , 15 2003 Photos : Frederik Text: Frederik





The Party took place in October in Wuppertal @ the BUTAN CLUB. Synaptic Project Parties are allways nice events with International Headliners like SBK this Evening.

I arrived pretty late at the venue and so i was nearly a bit late but Sebastian Krüger still played a nice DJ-Set and so i took some nice impressions back home.

The second Floor was filled with people - you couldn´t nearly move yourself around and this had a good reason. Leif Hetfield from Export Audio played an asskicking DJ-Set which let nobody sitting around in the chairs or at the Bar.

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Foto by Frederik


Foto by Frederik Foto by Frederik


Foto by Frederik

Foto by Frederik


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