Analog Ambient from Portugal - Interview

Author: sam
Date: Jan 1, 2003
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Dec 30, 2002 - Text: Sam - Photos: Sam

Tjak - that's the name of a new ambient project from Portugal by Victor, Gabriel and Pedro. Victor has been travelling the world in his quest to collect ethnological pieces for museums. More than that he recorded accompanying sounds and chants that today are the inspiration for Tjak's songs. Gabriel and Pedro are musicans for long and now find a new challenge in working on this project that combines analog and electronic ambient and downbeat as well as culture.

I first heard Tjak on Boom Festival 2002 and was very impressed by their music. A couple of months later I made an interview with them in Portugal.

In the Interview Tjak tells you about their history, the idea of Tjak, Chill Outs in Portugal and in General, Live and Electronic Music, the development of Trance Music and Trance in Portugal.

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