Spectral Concepts Releases "Oxygen"

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Author: JDM
Date: Dec 4, 2002
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Spectral Concepts 11/2002

Spectral Concepts releases "Oxygen"...

**Spectral Concepts Newsletter 11.02**

First off we're excited to announce the release of our next compilation,
OXYGEN! This is our newest series of progressive psychedelic dancefloor sounds.

. Oxygen ..


Neum - Wormhole
Operating System - Super High
Aircrash - Myanmar
Phosphene - Paraty
Etnoscope - AN1Xit
Neum - Meet You at the Milk Bar
IndiaDrop - Moonraker
Eels Escalators - Animal Kingdom
Wormfood - Lull

worldwide release: December 2002

mastered by: S.Mullaert & M.Henriksson
at High Hat Studios, Malmoe, Sweden

San Francisco Bay Area label, Spectral Concepts, returns with a breath of
fresh air. After much success and interest around the world with their debut compilation,
American Rotation, Spectral Concepts is proud to present, Oxygen - a deep
inhalation of progressive modern psychedelic dance floor sounds. As we are
experiencing even more today, the sound we have once defined as Trance is
becoming cross-bred with many influences, moods, and genres. Oxygen is a reflection of this movement: nine tracks from American and Northern European Trance artists.

The air starts flowing with Neum, an
artist from Philadelphia who is already shaking dance floors around the
world with his smooth, yet pumping progressive style. His music has already
been released on many labels globally, such as Spiral Trax Intl., Flow, and
Medium Records.

We are proud to debut two excellent tracks from this
cutting edge producer. Next we introduce a new and promising act to the
Spectral Concepts artist pool, Operating System. A very unique project
between two brothers who have shared a lifetime of music together, Jeremiah
Menez (Minimlaniml) and Peter Menez (DJ Ima). Both are DJs who had their dance floor roots sprout
from their love for House music and then were later exposed to
psychedelic/Trance flavors.... in turn creating a nice blend of progressive
sounds that reflects bits and pieces of their musical past.

Hailing from
Sweden, we are excited to present two artists from the MPDQX label group,
Aircrash (Baluns Records) and Etnoscope (Digital Structures), both artists well known and always
representing a fresh and innovative sound.

Next we have another important
artist from our own pool, Phosphene. Our A&R, DJ Ghreg on Earth always brings his unique sonic visions to the dance
floor. After a well received DJ set at this year's Ypy Poty Festival in
Brazil, Phosphene gives you a deep progressive morning gem, inspired by one
of Brazil's most beautiful coastal towns, "Paraty."

IndiaDrop, another American artist to have an impact on the global scene, throws down a
gorgeous progressive groover taken from his debut album, "Backwards into
Chaos", which was released worldwide on his own label, Galactica Records, in
October 2002.

Next we'd like to introduce another new project to the
Spectral Concepts artist pool, Eels & Escalators. This is a collaboration project between two good friends,
Jeremiah Menez and Ed Roppo (Tendril), mixing their individual styles with a gallon of funk
and intoxicating rhythms.

Last but certainly not least, one of our top
artists-and an up and coming one to watch out for-Wormfood-entices the dance
floor with a more minimal progressive approach than what we are used to
hearing from him, yet spawns a whole new direction in his musical
production. All track are superbly mastered by Sebastian Mullaert (Son
Kite, Minilogue, Ooze) and Marcus Henriksson (Son Kite, Minilogue) at High-Hat Studios, Malmoe,
Sweden. Enjoy this new breath of life!




A&R for Spectral Psy = ghreg@spectralconcepts.net

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