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Trance in Spain

Author: Transit Festival team
Date: Jun 10, 2004
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Where the path of your summer psy-kick trips and journeys meets, leads and crosses in magnificent Spanish village of Benicassim. An abode of static peace, nature‚s beauty, harmony of sound and vision, the meeting point of nomads, tranceheads, digitally converted hippies, time travelers and technoshamanic sonic manipulators who tweak us into place where all of the movement preachers and followers can join their powers in a 3 days dance ritual between mountains and Mediterranean sea.

Prepare yourself for a TRANSITion outside of the spectrum through ultra violet rays and mind freezing frequencies, stomping beats and flashbacking soundscapes of your wide imagination.
Catapult yourself, fast forward the Future!

Transit festival is the first event of its kind uniting all the activists from Spain in one team to provide a perfect platform for a perfect celebration of psychedelic trance movement and it‚s culture.
Features include massive dancefloor, chill out system, art gallery, decorations and installations, flea market, performances, paranormal activities and of course free camping area equipped with all needed facilities for your comfortable staying and accommodation.

Benicassim is located on the East Coast of Spain, 280 km from Barcelona and 80 km from Valencia; 5 minutes drive from fast highway A7 connecting Barcelona with Valencia.

The festival is sited 15 minutes walk from the beach and 10 minutes walk from the village‚s center, 5 minutes walk from the local train station and 40 minutes driving from the seaport and airport of Valencia, easy reachable and accessible by any kind of transport will it be a plain, car, bus, or U.F.O.!

Bring your friends, positive energy, smiles, good vibes, colors, experiences, stories, hammocks, chillums, shades, party gear and most important Peace and Love!

Psychedelically Yours
Transit Festival team

X-DREAM (Gravity Plus/Solstice Music, Germany)
DEEDRAH -SYNTHETIC (Spun/Solstice Music/Twisted, Ibiza)
KOXBOX ( Saikopod, Raijin/Spiral Trax/Denmark)
SONKITE (Digital Structures, Sweden)
THE DELTA (Gravity Plus/D.Drum, Germany)
C.P.U.(3D Vision, Switzerland)
MIDIMILIZ aka SPIRALLIANZ live (Boshke Beats/Gravity Plus, Germany)
POLARIS (Neurobiotic, France)
INNER ACTION (Shaff Puff,Cosmictrance, Israel)
FUZZION (Boshke Beats/T.I.P. World/Horns and Hoofs, Russia)
DOWNHILL vs. DER INTERPRET live (Gravity Plus, Germany)
LAB‚S CLOUD (Psycho Abstract, Spain)

Dado (G.B.U.,Spun Rec./Solstice Music, Ibiza)
Laureth (Plusquam, Germany)
Pena (Flow, Portugal)
Zoo B (U.S.T.A., Israel)
Frank E ( Koxbox ,Denmark)
Penta (Spectral Concepts, U.S.A.)
Alex Tolstey(Boshke Beats, Cosmos)
Ooze (Digital Structures/Spirit Zone, Sweden)
Toxic (Mechanic Sound, Spain)
Alex Droid (Cosmic Trance, Spain)
Metalogic (Boshke Beats/Horns & Hoofs, Canada)
Sum Sindhu (Unlogic, Spain)
Mr.Frog (Silenium, Spain)
Fuzzion(Boshke Beats, Russia)
Justo (Rastas in Dub,Argentina)

and more chill out artists to be confirmed


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