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Author: Mike Liquid
Date: Nov 30, 2002
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b i o g r a p h y



Name: Mike Brown (D.J Mike liquid)
Age: 28
Style: P.T.T (progressive techno trance) & Psytrance

Mike has started playing at age 14, he used to play black music & grooves in 2 clubes in jerusalem the "expose" (6 years) and the
"orinet express" (1.5 years).

Mike moved to live in the US for 6 years & continued working on his carrer.
At that point his ears opened up for the electronic sound & it vibes.
Mike been a resident D.J of the N.Y club "the tunnel" for 2 years & than moved to miami and being resident D.J of the "liquid" club for 3.5 years (hence "Mike liquid")

Mike's style of music has ranged to progressive house, but in miami Mike has found his true love the psytrance.
Since than Mike has been playing psytrance around the glove in places like: germany, N.Y, U.K, mexico, and greece, thiland, japan, bali, sweden & more.

Mike also played in various nature rave's in israel, tel aviv clubs &
dance bars (1998-2002) the dinamo davsh, tchelet, plastic, hesehk, d.n.a,
hanger 11, the time tunnel & more.

Other club in israel (1998-2002) includes the zoom, octopus, ha'oman 17, forum, bellis, pacha & more.

Radio: Mike hosted his own radio trance program in jerusalem radio (101 fm).

In january 1999 Mike started to work in "phantasm records" as a label
D.J, he maintained this position untyl october 2000.

In 1999 Mike started making his own music under the names:
"liquid man" & killer liquid (a side project of Mike & killer hertz)
he also make tune's under the name "number 9" (Mike ambient project)
and his new project goes under the name "liquid green dogs"
untyl now Mike had made music with name's like: gus till, yumade,
killer hertz, human blue, mindfiled & more.

In relatively short time Mike played in raves & parties with:
atmos, gus till, james monro, dominic lamb, george barker, axel,
quirk, slinky wizard, mindfiled, tristan, ben watkins (juno reactor)
yumade, shakta, noma, s-range, anti, bus, human blue, ticon, element,
son kite, el audio, bamboo forest, plant b.e.n, synchro, aphid moon dharsan , katayama , tegma ,logic bomb, man made man, yooza, charasmatix, biodgredabale & more.


Compiled compilation for phonokol records called "till dawn" including 4 track's created by dj Mike liquid:

1. killer liquid - for the bus wedding
2. liquid man vs mindfiled - little big man
3. liquid man & yumade - here come the sun
4. number 9 - illusins

Compilation for element records called "final destination" including 2 track's created by dj Mike liquid:

1. liquid green dogs vs cyclic - loop a ley
2. liquid green dogs - the voice

Compilation for element records called - 1st element - "wasabi"

Compilation for element records called - "in & out"

In the end of 2001 Mike had been chosen one of the israel's 6 best trance D.J / producers by D.J h'air magzine.

Also in 2002 Mike has nominaed to the best D.J contast of D.J h'air magzine, mtv europe and a few local radio station's & he get the 6 place from 25 nominaded.

Today Mike open his own label "element records", & he his working and promoting his label all around the globe in parties & festivals,
also his releass getting a killer reviows in the trance magzines & web-sites all over the world for the good test of music & the quilety work that he pot in his release.


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