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Iboga, February 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Mar 3, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Hibernation - compiled by Yuli Fershtat
Label: Iboga
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: February, 2006


After the end of the successful \"Set\" series, the Danish label Iboga is once again back to releasing standalone compilations, and the first one on the market is \"Hibernation\". \"Hibernation\" is compiled by Yuli Fershtat, who also recently compiled the \"Set:4 Essentials\" compilation. He is undoubtedly one of the most well-known exponents for the progressive psytrance scene in Israel, and a part of the psytrance-scenes premier league for years. First under the name BLT, where he released no less than 4 albums on labels like HOMmega and Krembo, and later under the slower, purely progressive Perfect Stranger project - with a debut album coming out in March.

01. James Monro vs. Dickster - Wash Out (Extended verse) [130 BPM]
First track is from a collaboration of two legends on the scene; James Monro, owner of the late Flying Rhino Records, and Dickster, also known as Dick Trevor - member of several legendary acts like Tufaan and Green Nuns Of The Revolution. \"Wash Out\" is a really well-made track, starting with some simple kicks and percussion, and slowly raising in intensity for 3-4 minutes before reaching a blissful breakdown and kicking into full effect. The melodies are loveable, yet still quite subtle and bubbly, and this is one hell of an optimistic opening tune.

02. Yotopia - New Born [132 BPM]
After the release of their debut album \"Point Blank\", Yotopia became a household name in progressive circles in 2005, and well deserved if I might add. \"New Born\" is generally built on their usual theme of sounds, but it\'s a bit slower than usual, and it works really well. A very melodic progressive trance/house tune, and a very nice one overall.

03. Morax - Out Of The Blue [134 BPM]
Morax is one of the most promising progressive acts from Israel - partly as member of the tech-trance act Triac, and also with his own progressive Morax-project, where he has already been featured on labels like Domo, Uphonic and Iboga. \"Out Of The Blue\" is by far the best track I\'ve heard from him up till now - seemingly anonymous at first, but after repeated listens the depth in this track make it a sure winner.

04. Ace Ventura - R.I.S.E. [130 BPM]
Yoni Oshrat might ring a bell for some people - up till recently he was a member of one of the most successful Israeli psytrance acts, Psysex, but he is now on his own with the two projects Schatsi and Ace Ventura: Schatsi with focus on funky electro and Ace Ventura with a more psygressive approach. \"R.I.S.E.\" is probably my favourite Ace-tune so far - the grooves are solid and tribal, and despite only running at 130 BPM, it\'s loaded with energy. Really nice work.

05. Perfect Stranger - Bliss [133 BPM]
The compiler of the CD, Yuli Fershtat, is up next with \"Bliss\". As usual it\'s very outdoor-minded with many tribal elements, but there are hints of oldschool psytrance/goa in there as well. From the larger-than-life choir-pads to the many subtle layers of melodies. High quality production once again from Yuli.

06. Annarchy, Dickster & Barker - Eargate [130 BPM]
Up next is another interesting collaboration of legendary psytrance names. George Barker, who once was part of one of my absolute favourite psytrance acts, Slinky Wizard, team up with Dick Trevor and the upcoming Israeli Annarchy, who some might know for her appearances on Transient and Nano Records. \"Eargate\" is a really strong and distinct track, loaded with psychedelic twists and effects, chopped-up vocal-samples and heavy tribal percussion. Please collaborate some more!

07. Sun Control Species - Push Through [135 BPM]
Sun Control Species from Australia, whose debut album is set for release on Iboga this summer, is up next with \"Push Through\". Despite being the fastest track on the CD, the tribal groove is quite lazy and laidback. The atmosphere is stunningly deep with hints of asian influences, and I could imagine this would go down really, really well in a morning set in a remote forest.

08. Elegant Universe - Buggy One [130 BPM]
Yet another interesting upcoming act is Elegant Universe from Israel. The duo consist of Amir Hardon, whose name I am unfamiliar with, and Miki Litvak, member of the full on act Domestic, and previously also a member of Hyperion and Shidapu with Erez Aizen, who later became one half of Infected Mushroom. \"Buggy One\" is probably the least psytrance-like tune on the compilation, with a mixture between heavy tribal beats and trancy big-room pads. I could imagine there would be very different opinions on this track, but in my opinion it\'s both huge and very emotional - my only gripe is that it\'s a few minutes too short.

09. Fish - Gotta Get On [130 BPM]
Last but not least is Fish, another new collaboration: Yuli Fershtat team up with VP Records\' DJ Zombi, who is undoubtedly one of the most well-known progressive DJ\'s in Israel. \"Gotta Get On\" is a bit of a letdown compared to the rest of the compilation though - the sounds seem rather shallow, the voice-samples are corny and cliché, and I would have preferred more depth in the track overall. Not bad, but in my opinion not on the same standard as the rest of the compilation.

Bottom line:

I hate to sound like a repetition of myself, but \"Hibernation\" is yet another great release from Iboga. At first glimpse it doesn\'t contain as many instant standout tracks as some of their best compilations from last year, but after countless repeated listens it has really grown on me the last week, and that is, to me, certainly a proof of quality. Overall Yuli Fershtat did an impressive job compiling \"Hibernation - especially on picking up some of the very interesting collaborations, and the flow seems very well-thought as well.

Recommended for progressive fans into slower grooves with heavy tribal influences and a small hint of Iboga-psychedelia.


1 (!!), 2, 3 (!!), 4, 5, 6 (!!), 7, 8 (!!)




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