Waldraum 8.11.2002

Underground in Germany

Author: Sam
Date: Nov 11, 2002
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Believe it or not - there are still underground parties in Germany. I admit that you have to search for them these days. Or better not search them - just find them by listening to recommendations of friends! One of them was the Waldraum Party on Nov 11 organised by Malinke and happening in the middle of the remote Sauerland.

First of all it was hard to get there - by train. The Sauerland is a hilly area in the middle of Germany. It beautiful but remote. After a 3h train ride from Hamburg to Gelsenkirchen (to visit a friend) it took me another 4,5 hours to arrive to the party. Up there it did actually snow but this snow melted already. It did also rain heavily and after travelling through all this chaos weather I arrived to a hut on a hill set in a wonderful surrounding containing a creme de la creme party!

So this is how a party should feel, unfortunately not so much parties do so these days...

The decoration by Tiwi (who was btw not mentioned on the flyer) fit perfectly with the location and was upgraded with the great work of the light technician. Much respect to this guy! The light was set up with concept. First of all it was a mix between blacklight and scanners who created a warm underground atmosphere. I hate parties just containing blacklights leaving you searching for everything the whole party Ʊ very stressy! The scanners were arraged very well and programmed even better. The programming resultet in lots of different atmospheres created by color-combinations and spot shapes. Hm, am I getting too technical?

I assume the soundsystem having been a Turbo Sound one. It sounded very clear and had enough freedom reg. the volume. Only drawback here were the missing Monitor Speakers.

The people (and this is anyway the most important point) very nice, friendly, dancing and peaceful.

The music was high quality and grooving progressive psychedelic trance played by some names from the scene and some newcomer talents.

The details were free fruits in the morning, the wonderful location, no police hassle and a late end of the party (I left at about 17h and the party was still pumping).

Resume: If you're looking for a party with friendly people, no hype and lots of love there are still options to go. Support these parties with your energy and give thanks to the organisers for them to keep going!

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