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Matt and Remko,BooM! Records

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Date: Jan 4, 2002
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Name/real Name:
Matt BooM! / Matt Hilton

Real Life Job:
Dj / label manager

Psychedelic trance


Short Biography:
Dj since 1992, label manager BooM! Records since 1995

/ +31-6-55862677 Mobile

Why you are musicians?
To put the psy back into psychedelic ....

What is the meaning of trance for you?
Our labels mission statement is to keep putting out trance that is truly psychedelic (working directly on your brain and emotions) but also to make people laugh, shout and enjoy. When did partying get so serious and stop being fun??!?! We are working on it .....

Some words to the concept? (f.ex. how you build musical emotions?)
I like music with some melody as this has a positive effect on your spirit, and I particularily look for trax with " high lines" in them. My personal theory on psy is this : the bass is for your feet, to stamp around to, the mid tones are for your body, to dance to, and the high frequencies are for your brain. To activate your brain you therefore need these high frequencies and complicated layers. For this reason, I am not into the new progressive or technoid versions of psy !! The swedish stuff is my only exception, as even though this is often minimal, it contains a lot of humour and psychedelia too =)

uplifting/weirdest DJ-experience?
Most uplifting experience was playing in Japan this year, the crowd are so friendly and up for it. They scream with enthusiasm from the beginning of your set to the end !! I am looking forward to touring there later next year.

whats going on in your local scene?
The local scene is small, but picking up. There are a lot more new party organisations sprouting up here and we are also putting on regular parties with international acts and djs. Next year we will be giving a monthly boat party in Amsterdam too, always good for a laugh. The average attendance for a party here is about 300 people, although we have had over 1000 at some events. We live in the north of Holland which actually has more relaxed license laws than in Amsterdam - there the parties often have to finish at 4am, we always go on until at least 10 the next morning !! At present we are still the only psy label in Holland, although Dj Danyel (previously Adodisc) is busy setting up a new label at the moment.

your future? future of your local scene? future of trance Trance?
My future : I am looking forward to some more travelling this year - I have gigs coming up in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Brasil, Japan and Australia in the coming months. for my updated schedule.

Future of our local scene : I think and are the best ways for you to find out about the present and future scenes in Holland, including a party database.

Future of the label : Minimal / techno / progressive free zone. Full length releases from Fractal Glider, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Little Blue Men / Weirdo beirdo. A new Scandounds compilation (Vol 3) and a label compilation called "Ice-o-lator" .

Website :

Top 10:

Top ten Matt BooM! Dec 2001:
1. Rastaliens - Mission Psychedelica (Germany, unreleased)
2. Reefer Decree - Psychedelic Substances( Denmark, Digital Psionics)
3. Fractal Glider - Karmic Implications (Australia, unreleased)
4. Rastaliens - Fat Flip (Germany, unreleased)
5. Momo & Alrune - Puff (Denmark, unreleased)
6. LAB - Spellbound (Sweden / Digital Psionics)
7. Neoris - Zatmenie (Russia, BooM! Unreleased)
8. Future Buddhas - Masters of Deception (Sweden, unreleased)
9. Quantum State - Dark Trancer (Hungary, unreleased)
10. pHat pHase - Spinello (Sweden, unreleased)

Matt and Remko,
BooM! Records,
Koolstraat 37 A
9717 KB Groningen
Tel / Fax : +31
- 50 - 571 45 37
Mobile : +31 - 6 - 55 86 26 77
e mail :
homepage :

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